Best Books on Poland

recommended by Jakub Widzyk

There’s really a lot of books I could recommend – certainly well over 10. I’ve listed 5 books below (no particular order) and also added some more in the comments.

Great books from Peru

recommended by Frankie

The Best Books about Denmark

recommended by Eva Hoier Greene

The problem is that the best, most interesting books about Denmark are written in Danish, and not translated for obvious reasons. However:

The best books (and one song) about Uruguay

recommended by Ailsa Roell

This is Sophie (editor of Five Books). As it turns out, I was born in Uruguay, so a list of good books on Uruguay shouldn’t be hard for me to come by. Unfortunately, I left when I was 2 weeks old, so I don’t have clear recollections of life there. HOWEVER my sister Ailsa, now […]