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The Origins of Virtue by Matt Ridley

This book popularised the idea that cooperation can be favoured by natural selection. It remains a great read – entertaining, enjoyable and insightful

Griftopia by Matt Taibbi

Taibbi is the poet laureate of vitriol. There is no one better to capture the country’s fury that these banks blew themselves up, and then twisted Congress’s arm to give them billions of dollars

The best books on Depression, recommended by Bryony Gordon

Writing about her life in memoirs and a newspaper column allowed the author Bryony Gordon to “join the dots” to see the true face of her own mental illness. Here, she chooses five books to help with depression, books in which she has found solace and a sense of community among those who suffer from depression.

The Best South Asian American Novels, recommended by Wajahat Ali

South Asian Americans are too often treated as sidekicks or even suspects in national narratives. Wajahat Ali recommends five fantastic novels by South Asian American authors, and makes a compelling case that for the United States to succeed as a multi-racial democracy, “it is key that people pick up the pen to tell America’s full story.

The Greek Myths by Robert Graves

As far as I know, every single myth and every single variation, every single little nugget of Greek myth that isn’t necessarily even complete, is in there. Robert Graves was the most amazing ancient history scholar and a marvellous writer as well. 

The Hitler Myth by Ian Kershaw

It looks at how he interacted with the German people and how his image was manipulated after he got into power to turn the negatives into pluses. For example, the fact that he was sexually dysfunctional and had non-relationships with women was turned into the idea of the Führer denying his natural manly instincts to work all the time for Germany.

The best books on Greek Myths, recommended by Lucy Coats

Lucy Coats, author of one of the best books Greek myth books for children, recommends her own favourites. There’s one for children, one for teenagers, one for scholars, one to read out loud and one that’s very definitely adult in content…

The Maestro Myth by Norman Lebrecht

It’s simply the best book on conductors you have: I don’t know any other that so honestly pricks the pomposity of the whole thing, and contextualises it, and introduces gossip (in the best possible way) as well as anecdotal evidence that sheds a huge amount of light on these characters we think of as mythical beings. Mainly it’s about how this monster was born, because for many orchestral players conductors are monsters, and to many ordinary punters they’re figures of complete bafflement.

Queer London by Matt Houlbrook

Homosexuality was much more tolerated in the thirties than we realise and Houlbrook has done a great service in ripping that period apart

Great British Thrillers, recommended by Matt Lynn

Author Matt Lynn says that good thrillers need a sense of foreboding and tension – and a brilliant central character. “The thriller has always been a very political genre, a kind of snapshot in time”

The best books on Food Studies, recommended by Matt Garcia

Matt Garcia, Professor of Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies & History at Dartmouth College, discusses the production of primary foods in the United States and globally—a field that has often been ignored by historians and by society. He recommends five books to learn more about food studies, with particular attention to agricultural workers, often among the most marginalized and least protected members of the US labor force.

Cain’s Field by Matt Rees

The former Time magazine bureau chief explores the tensions within each society in eight in-depth stories about Israelis and Palestinians.

The best books on World Philosophy, recommended by Bryan Van Norden

The study of philosophy in the Western world is often parochial, and limited to the study of the Anglo-European tradition. It’s time to widen our focus, advises the author and philosopher Bryan Van Norden. Here he selects five foundational texts of philosophical traditions worldwide.

The Best Politics Books of 2020, recommended by Yascha Mounk

Despite the challenge of authoritarian populism and a new divisiveness in political debate in many countries around the world there are reasons for optimism, argues political scientist Yascha Mounk, author of The People vs. Democracy. He talks us through his selection of the best politics books of 2020.

Enrique Vila-Matas discute Los libros que le influyeron

‘Me gusta mostrar cierta moderación cuando se trata de inventar cosas …’ El escritor español Enrique Vila-Matas discute la importancia del riesgo en la escritura, la ‘crisis de la novela’, y cinco libros que han influenciado su propia escritura

The Best Classics Books for Children, recommended by Annelise Gray

Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire continue to fascinate children and provide fertile ground for historical novels that resonate with today’s readers. Author and classicist Annelise Gray talks us through some of her favourite books for children set in the ancient Mediterranean world and Roman Britain.

The Myth of the Rational Market by Justin Fox

Somehow, “Let’s clear out some regulations and make it easier for business,” morphed over time to become, “The market knows better than anybody else, let’s get rid of any and all oversight, any and all regulation, any and all things that get in the way of the efficient market.”