Fran Lebowitz

When Fran Lebowitz made her way to Manhattan in the late 1960s, she subsidised her writing by driving a cab. She landed a job with Andy Warhol’s Interview and became a national sensation through a best-selling book of sardonic essays entitled Metropolitan Life. Currently a contributing editor at Vanity Fair, Lebowitz is widely known for her appearances on late-night talk shows. Martin Scorsese made a documentary about her life entitled Public Speaking (2010).

Interviews with Fran Lebowitz

Fran Lebowitz on New York Writers

‘The authors of these five books are people who came to New York for freedom – not so they could get rich, but so they could be free to pursue their interests and live their lives the way they wanted.’ New Yorker par excellence Fran Lebowitz recommends the writers who best capture her immutably mutable city.

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