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“Another medieval text which is very accessible and interesting to read in translation is Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. There’s a particularly good translation by the poet Simon Armitage and a film of the poem has actually just come out, The Green Knight. It’s an amazing story about a quest and there are all kinds of puzzles and monsters and temptations and lots of things happening. So, I’d really recommend that as well”—Marion Turner, Professor of English Literature at Oxford University and biographer of Chaucer, recommending what medieval literature to read, in an interview on the best medieval historical fiction. 

Marion Turner, Biographer

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The best books on The Gothic, recommended by Nick Groom

‘The Gothic’ can refer to ecclesiastical architecture, supernatural fiction, cult horror films and a recent subculture. Here, Nick Groom—who is professor in English at the University of Exeter and is also known as the ‘Prof. of Goth’—recommends five of the best books on the Gothic, showing how this term remains central to the way we think of our identities today.

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