Stathis Psillos

Stathis Psillos is Professor of Philosophy of Science and Metaphysics in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science in the University of Athens, Greece and a member of the Rotman Institute of Philosophy, University of Western Ontario, Canada. He was one of the founding members and the first elected President (2007-2009) of the European Philosophy of Science Association. In 2008, he was elected member of l’Academie Internationale de Philosophie des Sciences (AIPS) and in 2015 member of Academia Europaea. He is one of the leading contemporary defenders of scientific realism.

Interviews with Stathis Psillos

The Best Philosophy of Science Books, recommended by Stathis Psillos

Science is often held to give us the best insight into the nature of reality, with a prestige unmatched in other disciplines. But what is the scientific method and how does it operate? Does it give us objective knowledge or does it just ‘work’? And if an electron is an “unobservable entity”, why should we believe that they exist? Professor Stathis Psillos gives a detailed look at the philosophy of science

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