Five Books events

Jerry Coyne on Faith vs. Fact

Blackwell's, Oxford 7pm directions

9th February 2016

Five Books presents a series of talks where authors recommend the best books in their field and explain why they’re important. This month, our guest is Jerry Coyne.

Book of the day

The God of Small Things
by Arundhati Roy


“Of all the great modern Indian novels, of which there has been a flood, Arundhati Roy is the one I enjoyed most. It’s got that fabulous quality, in the literal sense. It has a craftsmanship to it, and one of the greatest endings to any novel. There are so few modern novels which end perfectly, with that perfect click into place, the lock clicking shutting. But it has that, and it’s a very well-worked, well-written novel. I hope she repeats it at some point in the future.”