• The Best Movies about Race - Gone with the Wind (Movie) by Victor Fleming (director)
  • The Best Movies about Race - In the Heat of the Night (Movie) by Norman Jewison (director)
  • The Best Movies about Race - Do the Right Thing (Movie) by Spike Lee (director)
  • The Best Movies about Race - 12 Years a Slave (Movie) by Steve McQueen (director)
  • The Best Movies about Race - Get Out (Movie) by Jordan Peele (director)

The Best Movies about Race, recommended by Greg Garrett

Movies are a big part of American cultural life and also one of the country’s biggest cultural exports. As a result, movies play an important role in how Americans see themselves, including in attitudes to race. Here Professor Greg Garrett of Baylor University—film historian, cultural theologian and author of A Long, Long Way: Hollywood’s Unfinished Journey from Racism to Reconciliation—talks us through five movies that best illustrate how Hollywood has evolved in terms of race over the past century, from Gone with the Wind to Get Out.