Five Books and Waterstones present

Italian Book Club — the Slow Food Movement

Waterstones, William Baker House, Broad St, Oxford OX1 3AF

8th May 2017

Since quite a few people have expressed an interest in reading about slow food,  Geoff Andrews, author of The Slow Food Story, has very kindly agreed to come and talk to us about the movement. 

One problem is that his book is no longer easy to get hold of in the UK.

So, in terms of readings, we have the following options:

* Buy Geoff’s book secondhand.

* We’ve exchanged emails with Geoff, and he suggests two other books we could read about slow food if we can’t get hold of his. He recommends Carlo Petrini’s Slow Food Nation or John Dickie’s Delizia!

Happy Easter and we really look forward to seeing everyone again in May. 

Sophie & Rosalinda.