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The best books on Creating a Career You Love, recommended by Emma Gannon

New year, new career? If you are fed up and burnt out, it’s time to take concrete steps towards building a better life, based on a job you love. Bestselling business author Emma Gannon tells Five Books about the career advice books that have inspired her most.

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From our archives

The best books on Translation, with Edith Grossman

The award-winning literary translator discusses books on and of translation that inspired her, and considers the trade-off that every translator faces, between fidelity and meaning.

The best books on Cyber Security, with Misha Glenny

There’s an unseen, mostly unacknowledged cyber war going on. The author of Dark Market tells us who’s involved, how far it spreads and what could happen if we let it continue unchecked.

Best Football Books for 11 Year Olds, with Alexander

There are a lot of books about football for sale in bookshops these days, but which ones are any good? 11-year-old Alexander, who loves football as well as reading, shares his choices of the best football books for kids as part of our ‘By Children for Children’ series.

Our Reader List of the Week
The Best Books on Baloch & Balochistan, recommended by Malik Siraj Akbar

“In recent years, Balochistan has become a topic of interest because of the Gwadar Port, a main component of the multi-billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.”



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