Tuva Kahrs, Children's Editor

Tuva is children’s editor of Five Books. Originally from Norway, she is now based in Scotland. She graduated from Oxford University where she specialised in classical Japanese poetry, and has a Master’s from the London School of Economics. She worked in international relations in Beijing and at an energy research institute in Seoul before turning her attention to something much more important: children’s books. As well as interviews with authors and experts, she keeps an eye on new books coming out to bring you carefully compiled lists: the best kids’ books of 2023 and the best teen books of 2023. Her other editor’s picks can be found here.

Interviews by Tuva Kahrs

The Best Science Books for Children: the 2023 Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize, recommended by Usha Goswami

The judges of the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize look for books that explain high quality science in an engaging and accessible way. Neuroscientist Usha Goswami, chair of the 2023 judging panel, explains why it is important to get children excited about science via books, and introduces us to the fabulous titles that made this year’s shortlist.

The Best Historical Fiction for 8-12 Year Olds, recommended by Catherine Johnson

There is some fabulous historical fiction out there for 8-12 year olds, some of it old, some of it new. British novelist Catherine Johnson, author of a number of historical novels for kids and young adults, recommends some of the best—from short stories to epics and from straight historical novels to those with a strong dose of fantasy and magic.