5 Essential Reads for Reaching Your Full Potential

recommended by Daisy Reynolds

Do you feel unmotivated, overwhelmed and unsure which path to take to achieve your goals? Reading and learning from others is a great way to ignite your spark, fuel your passion and be your best version. However, with countless self-help books available to reach your full potential, it can be difficult to know where to start. Fear not, this collection of books will reveal ways to achieve your greatness and live the life you deserve.

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    Liberate Your Greatness: Accelerate your growth. Achieve your goals faster. Amplify your impact.
    by John Roussot

    Personal and professional life are inextricably linked. To excel at one, people must also commit to improving the other. For leaders, and any others with a joint responsibility for their own fulfilment and the needs and success of teams at work, this balance is especially essential to get right. In 'Liberate Your Greatness', John Roussot explores the connection between personal mastery and professional excellence and how they form a mutually reinforcing loop. Throughout the book, John poses readers with three central questions: ‘Who do you want to become?’, ‘What do you want to achieve?’, and ‘What impact do you want to have in the world?’, encouraging them to dig deeper than the usual self-reflection exercise. Using six guiding principles to structure the book, John provides a complete guide to making incremental changes that compound into lasting change over time. A mixture of John’s own personal story and insights plus practical and easy-to-follow models, 'Liberate Your Greatness' is the perfect read for any leader or individual seeking to accelerate their growth, achieve their goals faster and amplify their impact.

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    Change Your Life Today: The Ultimate Guide to Motivation, Success and Happiness (Personal Power Book
    by Lewis David

    Do you want more success and happiness in your life? The answer to achieving your dreams is simpler than you think. While working as a therapist, the author developed a practical, powerful system to rapidly accomplish any ambition. In 'Change Your Life Today', you will discover how to turn your goals into easy-to-follow plans that simply cannot fail. You will learn how to find effortless motivation and eliminate procrastination, and you will find out how to create a life with more money, less stress, more fun, and fewer commitments. Author Lewis David's science-based methods have changed the lives of thousands of people. Now it’s your turn to achieve your deepest desires. With this book, you can start living your dream – today.

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    Change It: 8 Steps to Create Positive Transformation in Your Health, Relationships and Income
    by C. J. Alexander & WOW Book Publishing

    Feeling frustrated with your current situations and lack self confidence? Do you feel that you deserve better than what you’re experiencing right now? Are you struggling to gain clarity on your agony and obstacles? If you do feel like any of the above, there is a way that you can remove these from your life and create positive change, for more peace, joy and success with this revolutionary book. ‘Change It’, one of the new profound personal development books by C.J. Alexander, has the fundamentals to bring a new level of awareness, that can enable life transformation, whether it be in your health, relationships or income. This motivational book has an 8 step guide, to help motivate you and awaken ideas, to answers the complex life questions that you may be struggling with. As well as a self development book, it will allow you to build new philosophies and develop self life-coaching in the process, which can unlock your inner potential, rise above fear and make decisions that you thought were impossible.

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    Packed with coaching exercises, and mindfulness techniques, in 'Your Voyage to Success', you’ll develop success habits. Say goodbye to the negative spiral of failure, burnout and stress. Be more confident, productive and happy and know exactly where you’re heading – so you’ll achieve your goals. Author Desiree Anderson shares how she’s gone from rock bottom to having a successful life and business. She will be your champion, encouraging you to take immediate action before you self-sabotage any more. She empathetically supports, uplifts and inspires you. For anyone looking to regain your focus and motivation, then this book is an essential read.

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    Unleash The Magnificent You!: A Gazillion ways to Turbocharge your Life
    by Christopher Bradbury

    It is very difficult to be the same person at the end of the book as when you started it. This book will work as a life transformation tool for you. This book is a must have, must read, and will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made. Within each of us lies the ability to comprehend the secrets of living a successful and meaningful life. However, we often allow various distractions to hinder our progress. This transformative book offers practical, profound insights and dares you to embark on a journey of self-exploration. By delving deep into your thoughts and aspirations, you'll emerge with a renewed clarity about your identity and a definitive vision of the path leading to success and happiness.

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