5 Reads Guaranteed to Change Your Perspective on Sustainability

recommended by Daisy Reynolds

With a global mission to reach Net-Zero by 2050, every person and business throughout the world should be trying to be more sustainable and should be prioritising green initiatives. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin when it comes to advancing your sustainability efforts, both on a personal and business level, however, this collection of books is guaranteed to change your perspective on sustainability, and show you how to get the ball rolling.

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    Making Sustainability Profitable: A leader’s guide to growing a thriving business that makes the w
    by Jasper Steinhausen

    In 'Making Sustainability Profitable', author Jasper Steinhausen turns the usual approach to sustainability on its head. Instead of looking for answers in complicated and siloed strategies, striving to meet performative targets or stressing over the responsibility of making a business “greener”, he encourages business leaders to see sustainability as an opportunity to advance their business overall. It’s not solely about making organisations “green”, but about making them and their products "better". Throughout the book, Jasper explains the basics of the circular economy and how sustainability can guarantee ROI. Alongside practical advice, the book navigates the realities of transforming a business, including pushing leaders outside of their comfort zones, the apparent threat to business and the risk of seeming less attractive to customers. Jasper's ‘Impact Blueprint’, consisting of five key principles: Mindset, Mission, Mapping, Movement and Magnify, is a method all leaders can implement to build a thriving business that makes the world a better place and fulfils customer needs, whilst also generating a profit. 'Making Sustainability Profitable' offers a fresh approach to unlocking new opportunities for innovation and business growth.

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    The Sustainable Business Handbook: A Guide to Becoming More Innovative, Resilient and Successful
    by David Grayson, Chris Coulter & Mark Lee

    'The Sustainable Business Handbook' is a practical 'how-to' guide which aims to demystify jargon and provide practical tools and tips for busy managers. Rather than preaching the importance of sustainability, it cuts straight to how businesses can become more resilient and successful in the long term by becoming more sustainable. This indispensable book is based around twenty top tips for transforming your business and is interspersed with a range of individual profiles and case studies of organisations successfully embracing sustainability. With guidance on defining your organisational purpose, engaging stakeholders and creating the right culture, 'The Sustainable Business Handbook' outlines how to shift Corporate Responsibility from being a bolt-on to business operations to being a source of innovation and new business, as well as societal good.

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    Supercharge Me: Net Zero Faster
    by Eric Lonergan & Corinne Sawers

    Almost everyone agrees on the need to transition the global economy to net zero. But how do we do it? And how do we do it faster? If you feel demoralised, depressed or confused about the climate crisis this book will provide some answers – and ones that don’t involve punishing lifestyle changes, the end of capitalism, or a much higher tax bill. 'Supercharge Me' is grounded in relentless realism about how governments, businesses and individuals actually behave. It draws lessons from what has worked so far: positive incentives and smart regulations. Through a series of fast-paced dialogues, the authors introduce practical ideas for change that will embolden activists, reinvigorate the disheartened, and reframe the climate crisis as an opportunity.

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    Is It Really Green?
    by Melissa Hemsley

    We all want to do the right thing for the planet, but with so many factors at play it can be difficult to work out which is the greenest way. With answers to the everyday green-living questions, 'Is it really green?' cuts through the confusion and gives you the facts. This book sheds light on the consequences of our everyday decisions and helps you feel empowered to do what you can to make a positive impact on the future of our planet. Whether it's choosing a vegan lifestyle, taking steps towards zero-waste living, or cutting down on travel, every small adjustment to the way we live counts. The book itself has also been made as sustainably as possible, using recycled paper and locally based printers to reduce air miles. It is the perfect read for the environmentally conscious.

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    Green Living Made Easy: 101 Eco Tips, Hacks and Recipes to Save Time and Money
    by Nancy Birtwhistle

    We all want to do our best for our homes and the planet, but it’s often hard to find the time and energy to think of alternatives. In 'Green Living Made Easy', author Nancy Birtwhistle makes it easy with 101 indispensable tips, ideas and recipes that will help you to live a more eco-friendly life without giving up on any home comforts. This practical book is the ultimate guide to reducing your environmental impact while saving you time and money. Inside are tips and home hacks on everything from eco cleaning, upcycling and making the most out of your weekly shop to small-space gardening and creative crafts, plus a selection of Nancy's delicious recipes. Clearly explained, accessible and beautifully illustrated with black and white line-drawings, 'Green Living Made Easy' is the perfect guide for anyone looking to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle but unsure where to start.

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