Best Classics to empower young girls and women

recommended by Beatrice Speranza

This list includes Classic Novels with strong and independent female protagonists who resisted against characters who tried to oppress them, from. These books are sure to inspire women and girls of all ages.

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    by Roald Dahl

    This captivating children's novel revolves around a genius girl called Matilda, who has been called some terrible things by the world around her. Young readers will be left in admiration of Matilda's determination to get revenge as she discovers her very special power.

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    Little Women
    by Louisa May Alcott

    This heart-warming tale follows 4 sisters (Joe, Meg, Amy and Beth) as they help each other grow and embark on their own individual adventures. This is a perfect read for teen girls who are beginners to classic novels. You may also enjoy the sequel of this novel, known as "Good Wives", which focuses on the protagonists as they enter their adult life.

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    Anne of Green Gables
    by Lucy Maud Montgomery,

    This story focusing on Anne Shirley, a brave and creative protagonist, is the perfect for independent-minded girls in seek of an adventure. Anne is taken in by the Cuthberts which leads her to meet several interesting characters which help her grow.

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    Pippi Longstocking
    by Astrid Lindgren

    Pippi is a strange and fiery 9-year-old girl who has been an incredible female role model decades. She's a real advocate for justice, can sail a ship across the seven seas, carry a horse and beat the strongest man in the world. This book is excellent for young girls in need of a powerful role model.

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    by Jane Austen

    Like many other Jane Austen novels, 'Emma' tells the story of an incredibly vivid female eponymous protagonist- who is beautiful, witty and self-centred. Readers are discover how she cleverly organises the lives of the inhabitants in her village- resulting in devastating consequences.

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