Best Teen Romance Books

recommended by Keira Gould

As a keen teen romance reader I have put together a list of some of my favourite books for you to enjoy.

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    Redlined (Shadow Crew Series)
    by Cala Riley

    RedLined is about a girl who gets in a tragic accident and ends up living with her cousin not knowing one vital piece of information: her cousin is in a gang. Will the gang leader let her into the fold or will he push her aside like everyone else. Follow Roxanna and Roman on their wild love story.

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    Trick Me Twice: An Enemies to Lovers High School Bully Romance
    by Becca Steele

    Trick Me Twice is about a smart quiet girl and a loud bad boy and their hatred for each other. But that one night everything changed and he promised to make her life a living hell. Will they both accept their secret love for each other? Or will it break them both!

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    The Lies We Tell: An Enemies to Lovers College Bully Romance (The Four Book 1)
    by Becca Steele

    The Lies We Tell is about a small town girl who moved to live with her mum after her dad's sudden death. Hoping to get a fresh start but there's one boy in particular, Caiden Cavendish, who will not let that happen. Will Caiden admit his true feelings or will he run? Read and find out.

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    PAINE: A High School Enemies to Lovers Romance (Rosewood High Book 2)
    by Tracy Lorraine

    Paine the enemies to lovers romance book features two best friends who now hate each other, or so they say. When Mason finds Camila's boyfriend cheating, why does he care so much? Why is he angry? These are the questions he asks himself but he knows the reason why; it's because he still loves Camila.

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    Throttled (Dirty Air Series Book 1)
    by Lauren Asher

    Throttled is about a young girl called Maya who decides to join her brother for a season of traveling the world for the F1 Grand Prix. Maya ends up meeting Noah, an F1 legend, and her brother's rival.Will they both go against everything? Will they take a chance or will they back out?

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