Books following young, independent women

recommended by Anna Lee

Each one of these books follows the stories of young women, but together they show the changes and growth in society and how far women have come. I thoroughly enjoyed them and they encouraged me as a young woman to lead the life I want. They are perfect reads for young women.

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    These Shallow Graves
    by Jennifer Donnelly

    Set in a Victorian New York, Josephine Montfort wants more out of her life than a suitable marriage. When her father is found dead, some details don’t add up and so along with young reporter Eddie, Jo investigates and discovers some fascinating secrets. I believe Jo was definitely ahead of her time but still somehow managed to achieve her goals even with society against her which made me enjoy the book even more.

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    A Good Girl's Guide to Murder
    by Holly Jackson

    Pip is a grade A student growing up in a “town consumed by a murder”. As Pip delves further into the events of the town’s past for her studies she discovers more secrets and can’t seem to let the case go. As someone who is fascinated by closed and cold criminal cases, I very much resonated with Pip and I thoroughly enjoyed being absorbed into her world.

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    Things a Bright Girl Can Do
    by Sally Nicholls

    This book follows the story of three young girls during WWI in England, each from a different class and with their own story to tell. They are linked through their desperation for the right to vote but then the war comes and everything changes. This book opened up the historical events of the suffragettes and women's suffrage for me and showed how we should be so grateful to them for creating the opportunities we have in today's society.

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    The Skylarks' War
    by Hilary McKay

    For Clarry life changes when all her male relatives go off to war and she fears that her childhood summers are slipping away from her. Can her family and childhood survive the dreaded war? This book was heartwarming and as the first period piece I ever read, it was a perfect way for me to begin to understand just how far women have come over time.

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    Puffin Classics Little Women
    by Louisa May Alcott

    While their father is at war, the March sisters discover that growing up is harder than it seems as they each follow their own paths and create different lives while fighting with the expectations of society. Little Women really opened my eyes into the freedom and opportunities women have today and how we should take those opportunities and make our own lives.

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