credible thoughts on evolution

recommended by Phil Vivien Rempel Sharp

The theory of evolution has been a point of interest to me all my life. More specifically. I have heard high school and university teachers proclaim the gospel of evolution, pronouncing that it is fact to be accepted. Yet my examination of it has led me to think it not sound. A university professor told us, “If you have any doubts about evolution, read ‘The Blind Watchmaker.’ That will settle it for you.” I read it and thought, “if that is the best evolution has to offer, it is not based on science at all.” The book is multiple flights of fantastic imagination, no arguments of which are both sound and valid regarding evolution. Then i read “Why evolution is true” and thought, well that’s a lot better, actually some scientific data in there, but still no analysis of evolution on a functional science basis. Michael Behe’s “Edge of Evolution” is finally an honest analysis of evolution in action. I wish the scientific community would adopt the objective, critical, searching approach we claim is the basis for TOE but is absent in Coyne’s and Dawkin’s works. Behe’s approach opens the door to the future, rather than denying probing thought to find new truths in the world around us. I can’t wait to see what new trains of thought open up to us in the future, now that we have taken the mental blinders off!

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