Five Top Reads for Shaking Up the Status Quo in Business

recommended by Daisy Reynolds

Innovation is no longer a luxury for businesses today, which is why the pace of change is a hot topic of conversation amongst leaders. The last thing organisations want is to get stuck in a place where they’re no longer moving forward. To have a forward-thinking business, leaders need to adopt a growth mindset and create an environment to challenge the status quo. This collection of books will encourage leaders to step outside of their comfort zone and shake things up in order to push their business to new heights.

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    Mind Your F**king Business: The no-nonsense guide to making your good business great
    by Dominic Monkhouse

    'Mind Your F**king Business' advises leaders to go against the grain and adopt an intentional, straight-forward and focused approach to growth to see REAL results - minus the drama. This starts with investing money and time in the one resource that matters most - their people. In the book, author Dominic Monkhouse reveals if leaders want to scale their businesses quickly and have fun doing it, they MUST stop copying the tired approaches of traditional companies. Google has quickly become the ‘business bible of choice’, but few take the time to question whether the advice presented is actually right for their business. 'Mind Your F**king Business' will revolutionise how leaders’ look at organisational change. Broken into bite size chunks, it acts as both a reference book for readers to dip in and out of as they need, and a major push to help people question their established beliefs. This book guarantees to save years of trial and error, offering a proven fast-track to propelling any business from good to great with much less stress.

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    Rebel Ideas: The Power of Thinking Differently
    by Matthew Syed

    'Rebel Ideas' examines the power of 'cognitive diversity' - the ability to think differently about the world around us. It explains how to harness our unique perspectives, pool our collective intelligence and tackle the greatest challenges of our age - from climate change to terrorism. It draws on a dazzling range of case studies, including the catastrophic failings of the CIA before 9/11, a fatal communication breakdown on top of Mount Everest and a moving tale of deradicalisation in America's Deep South. 'Rebel Ideas' will strengthen any team or organisation, but has dozens of individual applications, too: from the art of reinvention to the remarkable benefits of personalised nutrition. It shows us how to become more creative, how to collaborate in a world becoming more interconnected, and how to break free of echo chambers that surround us all.

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    Challenge Culture
    by Nigel Travis

    In 'The Challenge Culture', author Nigel Travis reveals how challenge is essential for survival and sustained success in today's volatile world. We live in an era when successful organisations can fail in a flash. But they can cope with change and thrive by creating a culture that supports positive pushback: questioning everything without disrespecting anyone. With 40 years of experience as a leader in large and successful organisations, Travis argues that the best way for organisations to succeed in today's environment is to embrace challenge and encourage pushback, rather than reject them. Everyone - from the newest recruit to the senior leader - must be given the freedom to speak up and question the status quo, must learn how talk in a civil way about difficult issues, and should be encouraged to debate strategies and tactics - although always in the spirit of shared purpose. Through colourful story-telling, with many examples from his own experiences - including his leadership in turning around the fear-ridden culture of Leyton Orient Football Club -Travis shows how to establish a culture that embraces challenge, achieves exceptional results, and ensures a prosperous future. 'The Challenge Culture' is a must-read for employers and employees alike looking to spark ideas for long-term success.

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    Kill the Company: End the Status Quo, Start an Innovation Revolution
    by Lisa Bodell

    In 'Kill The Company', author Lisa Bodell reveals how in the ever-changing world of business, we've arrived at a point where process has trumped culture, where the race toward efficiency has left us unable to reach our potential. Stuck in the land of status quo, we've forgotten how to think. The very structures put in place to help businesses grow are now holding us back. This book is a call to arms: to start a revolution in how we think and work. But instead of more one-size-fits-all change initiatives forced upon employees, we need to embrace small changes that create ripple effects throughout the organisation. Lisa urges companies to move from "Zombies, Inc." to "Think, Inc." Thinking can no longer be exclusive to the creative team or lead strategists. A culture of curiosity must be fostered among the ranks to shake up our standard practices, from unproductive meetings to go-nowhere strategic planning. This revolution can and will awaken our ability to think, and ultimately, to innovate and grow.

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    by Glenn Llopis & Jim Eber

    In 'Originals', author Adam Grant shows the reader how to improve the world by championing novel ideas and values that go against the grain, battling conformity, and bucking outdated traditions. Using surprising studies and stories spanning business, politics, sports, and entertainment, Adam explores how to recognise a good idea, speak up without getting silenced, build a coalition of allies, choose the right time to act, and manage fear and doubt. Business leaders will discover how to fight groupthink to build cultures that welcome dissent. Told through dazzling case studies of people going against the grain, you’ll encounter an entrepreneur who pitches the reasons not to invest, a woman at Apple who challenged Steve Jobs from three levels below, an analyst who challenged secrecy at the CIA, a billionaire financial wizard who fires employees who don’t criticise him, and the TV executive who saved Seinfeld from the cutting room floor. 'Originals' will give you groundbreaking insights about rejecting conformity and how to change the world.

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