Some great works of Modern Thinkers.

recommended by GOGOLE PI MUKHERJEE

Isn’t age old strict stout philosophy , nothing but a deception , a naked lie , a Phantom fair ? Why a modern man will need philosophy at all ? Who is a modern man ? Why does he live ? Why does he struggle ? To achieve what ? Does he walk just for the sake of walking ? Does he sleep well at night , sharing the same bed with his non-absurd ego ? Who is a rebel ? Is it some inborn capacity to be and become or a trivial form of acquired hallucination ? When ‘to live’ transmigrate ‘just to live’ ? Isn’t modernity all about vaporization of taboo ? A legitimate punishment place for faceless criminals , those muddy horror hunters ? What is death ? Aren’t all our greatness , all those ‘selfless’ monuments , just cheesy tunes of , ‘Remember me ‘ ? These are few questions that certainly (atleast should !) puzzle modernity (or any favourable illusion of that ) . Does those book help us to de-puzzle it ? Certainty not ! But they make the puzzle more interesting . They boldly proclaim that there is no a-priori solution to judge . They won’t let you become a passive reader . They will provoke to be a rebel (or Übermensch) , to challenge the recieved wisdom , to detach thyself from non-absurd ‘I’ .

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