System Design Interviews

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The books on this list are great tools for learning more about the software systems used in many technology companies. The information you gain will help you succeed in any interview and get you that job you have been dreaming of.

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    Hacking the System Design Interview: Real Big Tech Interview Questions and In-depth Solutions
    by Stanley Chiang

    This book is written by a Google software engineer, and it is sure to help you ace any interview you may have with technology companies. With an overview of software systems you may see, this book is meant to help you master your system design interview.

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    System Design Interview – An Insider's Guide: Volume 2
    by Alex Xu & Sahn Lam

    This book contains 13 chapters of system design interview questions, along with their answers. It will show you what your interviewers are truly looking for, as well as give you a 4-step solution for solving any system design interview question.

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    The System Design Interview, 2nd Edition
    by Lewis C. Lin & Shivam P. Patel

    This book introduces the PEDAL method: a 6-step method of passing your system design interview. This process breaks down the entire interview into more manageable steps, meaning that you will be able to breeze through each question with a clear end goal in mind.

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    System Design Interview - System Design Basic Concepts and System Design Case Studies
    by Jesse Print

    This particular book focuses on helping students bridge the information gap between college and the corporate world. Starting to look for your first job can be intimidating, especially when it is in system design. This book is here to help you with common interview questions that you may see.

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    Cracking System Design Interview: A Comprehensive Guide to System Analysis and Design for Beginners
    by Steve A. Cruz

    This book explains the process of system design interviews, including all of their stages. It also gives tips on how to prepare for your interview, a walkthrough of typical questions that you may come across, as well as examples of interview problems that you may be asked to solve.

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