The Top 5 Essential Personal Finance Books for Women

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Historically, when it comes to personal finance, women have always been at a disadvantage. However, many authors are hoping to change the narrative by launching new personal finance books written specifically for women. For any woman that is looking to educate themselves on the subject of money, but is feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure where to begin, then this collection of books is a great starting place.

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    Wealth Secrets: A woman's guide to own and secure your financial future
    by Deborah Owens

    In a groundbreaking new book, 'Wealth Secrets', renowned financial expert, Deborah Owens, unveils a transformative path to financial independence for women, particularly women of colour. Challenging the traditional notions of wealth-building, Owens offers a comprehensive guide filled with invaluable insights that empowers readers to break free from financial limitations and achieve true financial independence. In today's society, women face a unique set of challenges when it comes to financial success. With a persistent gender pay gap and disproportionately high student debt burdens, it has become evident that conventional avenues, such as further education and climbing the corporate ladder, do not always lead to the desired financial outcomes. Recognising this disparity, Owens reveals alternative methods to create wealth, irrespective of one's starting point. Motivational and informative, 'Wealth Secrets' is an essential read for professional women who have diligently followed the traditional blueprint, only to find themselves frustrated with the lack of expected results. Through support, accountability, and the power of knowledge, this book equips readers with the tools they need to take charge of their financial futures. One of the book's core tenets is that the current economic system predominantly favours those who are already affluent, making it challenging for others to accumulate wealth. Owens dismantles this myth and provides readers with a blueprint for success that transcends inherited privilege. Through 'Wealth Secrets', she imparts her wisdom on how to enhance financial literacy, create a focused action plan, and leverage high-net-worth strategies to achieve true financial independence. Moreover, Owens guides readers on transforming problems into opportunities, utilising technology and systems for effective financial planning.

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    The Fiscal Feminist: A Financial Wake-up Call for Women
    by Kimberlee Davis

    As a woman, you’re likely to live longer, earn less, and have to work harder than men to get ahead, especially if you’ve spent time out of the workforce raising children. What’s more, the pandemic has undone decades of progress in women’s long, slow march toward financial equality. The good news is, you can improve your financial health and take charge of your destiny by increasing your financial literacy and healing your money issues. Kimberlee Davis, a wealth manager and host of The Fiscal Feminist podcast, taps her twenty-five years’ experience to show you how to independently achieve—and maintain—financial wellness on your own terms, no matter your age or circumstances. In this book, you’ll learn how to: dismantle obstacles to your financial health; make career choices that are in keeping with your financial goals; implement the five key steps to fiscal freedom; money-proof your relationship; get a jump start on retirement funding; avoid hidden financial risks and technology traps; and invest for financial independence. Davis’s empowering message is: The better you understand your finances and your own choices regarding money, the more likely you will be to secure your future in both calm and turbulent times. This book will show you how.

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    On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girl's Guide to Personal Finance
    by Manisha Thakor

    Whether you've been living paycheck to paycheck or are saving for a down payment on your first home, 'On My Own Two Feet' will help you grasp the basic principles of money management. Written by Harvard Business School graduates and leading investment experts Manisha Thakor and Sharon Kedar, this finance guide provides you with all the information you need to know to keep your everyday spending in check, save for big-ticket items or emergencies, and create a secure retirement plan. Thakor and Kedar's time-tested strategies have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Huffington Post, and are now adapted for your specific needs, such as paying off your student loans or budgeting for your future wedding, so that you'll never be short-changed by credit card companies or banks again. With the valuable advice and concepts highlighted by 'On My Own Two Feet', you will achieve your life goals—and finally free yourself from financial stress.

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    Clever Girl Finance: Ditch debt, save money and build real wealth
    by Bola Sokunbi

    Join the ranks of thousands of smart and savvy women who have turned to money expert and author Bola Sokunbi for guidance on ditching debt, saving money, and building real wealth. Sokunbi, the force behind the hugely popular Clever Girl Finance website, draws on her personal money mistakes and financial redemption to educate and empower a new generation of women on their journey to financial freedom. Lighthearted and accessible, 'Clever Girl Finance' encourages women to talk about money and financial wellness and shows them how to navigate their own murky financial waters and come out afloat on the other side. The book will teach you how to: monitor your expenses, build a budget, and stick with it; make the most of a modest salary and still have money to spare; keep your credit in check and clean up credit card chaos; start and succeed at your side hustle; build a nest egg and invest in your future; transform your money mindset and be accountable for your financial well-being; and feel the power of real-world stories from other “clever girls”. With valuable lessons learned, 'Clever Girl Finance' will put you on the path to financial success.

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    Girls That Invest: Your Guide to Financial Independence through Shares and Stocks
    by Simran Kaur

    Ever wondered how on earth the stock market works, but felt too intimidated to ask "those" questions? This is the book for you! In this guide to investing in stocks (aka shares), author Simran Kaur teaches the essential principles you can apply to any market, anywhere in the world. Because money provides freedom: The freedom to say yes or no, the freedom to handle whatever life throws at you, and the freedom to grow and prosper. This book is your invitation to join the thriving community of women who are building a better financial future. The book will teach you to: understand the stock market and different types of investments; grow your money, beat inflation and secure your future; decode the jargon around markets, diversification and earnings; explore different investor strategies and find the right one for you, and put it all together, step-by-step, and start your investment portfolio. Investing is for everyone. 'Girls That Invest' will allow you to become an investor-in-training, and claim a space for yourself in the world of finance―so you too can find financial independence and create generational wealth.

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