The Top Five Books for Women Business Leaders This International Women’s Day

recommended by Daisy Reynolds

Female business leaders will experience challenges and setbacks on the road to success, and there will be moments when they will question their ability and skills. This is where insightful and inspiring books come to the rescue. Not only do they provide knowledge and advice from other women who have been where they are now, through testing times, they can offer a great deal of support. To coincide with International Women’s Day, this collection of books aims to provide female business leaders with new ideas on how to elevate their company’s growth.

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    Boardroom Creativity: How to design the future of your business
    by Fennemiek Gommer & Anne Mieke Eggenkamp

    In 'Boardroom Creativity', authors Fennemiek Gommer and Anne Mieke Eggenkamp describe how boards can apply creativity both in strategy and leadership development. In the book, they encourage the reader to approach business innovation as a design challenge, applying the creative approaches and tools that are successfully used by designers and innovators. They offer an unique perspective based on expertise in strategy, innovation, design, leadership and learning - areas not often combined. Throughout, they explain how leaders can make a difference through designing their business innovation journey and team to ensure they include learning, commitment and diversity of perspectives. It is the perfect read for business leaders, entrepreneurs and both executive and non-executive board members. Challenging those at the top to step out of their comfort zone first, Anne Mieke and Fennemiek explain how designing a business’ future, needs a disruption of the status quo at board level before anywhere else.

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    The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders
    by Judith Germain

    With an ever-changing landscape in the world today, it can be challenging to successfully lead. In times of change, a new type of leader is required to achieve desired outcomes. ‘The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders’ reveals how leaders can become transformational, by deploying the Maverick Driven Leadership - a philosophy that drives individuals to who they are, and what they do. It is about achieving unthinkable results, by utilising integrity, lateral thinking, compassion, and empathy. Readers will discover the five maverick attributes all ‘natural leaders’ possess, understand how to utilise the three key power bases to extend their influence, and master the eight maverick capabilities that are demonstrated by successful leaders. The book is the perfect read for any female leader looking for a blueprint to become even more accomplished and successful.

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    Don't Burn Out, Stand Out: An entrepreneur’s guide to success without sacrifice
    by Bethany Ainsley

    Life as an entrepreneur can feel like 100-miles an hour. There is always something else to be done to keep the business thriving, and the constant pressure to perform well can become overwhelming and stressful. In‘Don’t Burn Out, Stand Out’, author Bethany Ainsley reveals how people can operate effectively as a business leader, whilst improving their health, wellbeing, and personal lives at the same time. The book is a masterclass in how to prevent burnout without sacrificing business performance. For entrepreneurs that worry about taking time away from work to recharge, ‘Don’t Burn Out, Stand Out’ is an essential must-read. Recommending actionable tips and techniques, readers will be equipped with the knowledge on how to improve their wellbeing, productivity, and happiness, whilst simultaneously achieving business success.

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    She's The Boss: 9 Powerful Steps To Mastering Leadership For Aspiring Female Leaders In Business; P
    by Noelle Ingram

    In the past, men have been given so many more opportunities to progress. And women have had to watch opportunities pass them by, stuck in the same management role for years on end. This has been a real confidence breaker for many women, something you may resonate with. Yet deep down, you know you have the qualities to take your career to the next level, just like your male colleagues have. In 'She's The Boss', you will discover how to effectively lead in your own business or work your way to the top of your company. Whether you are an ambitious manager and know you want to progress to a leadership role but need some guidance in getting there. Or you are someone who knows you will make a great leader but are lacking in confidence, this book will provide you with all the skills you need to get there. You’ll learn the exact steps to get your desired recognition, promotion and success.

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    The Female Entrepreneur: A step-by-step guide to the adventure that is starting your own business!
    by Charly Lester & Caroline Brealey

    'The Female Entrepreneur' is a step-by-step guide to starting your own business. Combining personal stories, practical advice and quotes from leading female founders, the book will teach you how to start your business, brand it, attract clients, and make sales. Authors Charly Lester and Caroline Brealey guide you through every step of becoming an entrepreneur. They address all the hurdles and challenges involved with the early stages of business, champion the importance of passion and positivity, and offer advice and encouragement for tackling doubts and staying on track. Aimed at women with a business idea, early-stage entrepreneurs, or anyone bored of their day job and considering a side hustle, this book takes you from start-up to scale-up.

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