Top 5 Books for Business Leaders

recommended by Daisy Reynolds

Being a business leader comes with a number of unique challenges. Not only this, it can certainly feel lonely at the top. This is where practical and insightful books aimed at business leaders come in. Not only do they provide an abundance of knowledge, but can provide support during challenging times. This collection of books provides senior leaders with ideas and behaviours to implement in their own organisations from seasoned experts in their field.

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    The Step-Up Mindset for Senior Managers
    by Margo Manning

    Written for those wishing to move into a senior manager’s role and existing senior managers who are new to their role or have received no formal development, The Step-Up Mindset for Senior Managers helps leaders to demonstrate their credibility, capabilities and the value they bring to the role. It will help you to know your ‘why’ and align your motivation to your career aspirations. In addition, it helps you to know your role; take off the superhero cape and focus on your role and responsibilities. Margo discusses how to get strategic, focus the strategic (proactive) as well as the operations (reactive) and bring continuous improvements to the business with the support of all the available resources.

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    Closing The Gap: 5 steps to creating an Inclusive Culture
    by Teresa Boughey

    As organisations rebuild, they are presented with the opportunity to remodel in a more diverse and inclusive way. This however requires focus, a break with ingrained traditions, a shift in mindsets, a re-design of organisational culture and a change in leadership behaviour. Closing the Gap by Founder of Jungle HR and Inclusion 247 Teresa Boughey introduces her unique tribe5 diversity and inclusion™ methodology to give practical guidance to businesses taking their first steps and those already on their diversity journey. Closing the Gap helps organisations to Take Stock, Raise Awareness, Inspire and Involve, Build for the Future and Embed Diversity and Inclusion at the heart of the organisational culture. Creating an environment where people feel a sense of belonging when they come to work, where they feel respected and valued for their unique difference, isn't just about doing the right thing – it will enable you to attract top talent and outperform your competitors.

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    Real Leaders for the Real World: Essential Traits Of Successful And Authentic Leaders
    by John Mclachlan & Karen Meager

    Lead your Business, Lead your Family, Lead your Life. Real Leaders are not robots. They do not fall into the standard stereotypes, nor do they subscribe to a 'one size fits all' approach to leadership development. This book unpacks the psychological and behavioural traits of good leaders and shows how you can develop these traits and remain true to yourself and your own style. Following their research with leaders in different contexts ranging from business to families, Karen and John, co-founders of Monkey Puzzle Training and Consultancy, have developed an accessible, practical and powerful approach for leaders at all stages of their experience and development.

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    Harness: A systemic approach: guaranteed to revolutionise your coaching
    by Tess Cope

    Whether you’re a business leader, coach or anyone who finds themselves responsible for coaching others, Harness is the ideal book to make sure that when you’re growing your business, no employee feels unsupported. Detailing a holistic and systemic coaching model, it brings business coaching and HR practices into the contemporary working world where hybrid working is king and the old 9-5 workplace is fading. Mixing advice, examples and a comprehensive toolkit of exercises and resources, it will help anyone growing their business put their people first.

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    Laid Bare: What the Business Leader Learnt From the Stripper
    by Paulina Tenner

    Drawing on Paulina’s years of experience as both a successful business owner, angel investor, and former burlesque showgirl, Laid Bare: What the Business Leader Learnt from the Stripper is a book all entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders should read if they are serious about making a positive and refreshing change in their organisations. It’s a unique and memorable book tackling topics of workplace culture, talent retention, self-set pay, and financial transparency in an entertaining way.

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