Top 5 Books on Spirituality & the Afterlife

recommended by Daisy Reynolds

Have you ever wondered who you are and why we are here? This collection of spiritual books explores the timeless questions of humanity, looking at what happens when we die and whether there is an afterlife, leaving you free to align yourself with the purpose of life.

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    We've Got to Get Out of This Place!: The Book of Earth – Opus III: A Rock Opera
    by Steven Machat

    This book shares with you the Eternal Games of life. The games and all the energy platforms of existence before you retire your quest and just go home to GOD. Steven Machat describes the choices you have at death in this earth dimension and tells you about multi-dimensional travel you can experience at death and how it is done with the quantum physics concept of moving energy. The quest of this quantum physical scientist and his findings after a lifetime of work are finally revealed in We’ve Got To Get Out Of This Place. It’s a must-read if you want to live a larger, happier, and fuller life in any specific aspect that you desire without being told lies, spending tons of money on hyped courses or losing your sanity on the way to living life on your terms. The book answers essential questions and ends in the timeless pursuit, the quest, to discover GOD where it all begins and how it can all end.

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    Voyages into the Afterlife: Charting Unknown Territory (Exploring the Afterlife)
    by Bruce Moen

    Author Bruce Moen continues to bring us evidence that physical death is just a momentary event in our eternal consciousness as he explores life after death in this, the third book in his Exploring the Afterlife series. Using groundbreaking techniques developed by Robert A. Monroe--author of the classic Journeys out of the Body and founder of The Monroe Institute--Moen projects himself out of his body to travel beyond death into new realms of existence. His travels allow him to access knowledge available only to out-of-body explorers. With Moen, you will journey to the center of the Earth, develop a unique understanding of how astrology really works, and even make contact with extraterrestrials.

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    Spiritual Theory of Everything
    by Thomas Vazhakunnathu

    If you have the quest for answers to the fundamental questions that every seeking, evolving person has, then this book is for you. This book explains the nature and mechanism of life that include the fundamental truths about the Creator, the processes of creation and evolution, the spirit-mind-body connection, the constitution of our inner being, the present evolutionary stage of human beings in a Cosmic reference frame, and also how to live in harmony with nature. It also contains topics like the fundamental particle, soul, mind, spirit, chakras, alien life, cosmic laws, densities or dimensions, spiritual development, reincarnation, karma, natural living, planetary changes, etc. It further explains how much conscious evolution you can achieve by understanding your true inner nature and aligning yourself with the nature and purpose of life.

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    Life After Death: The Book of Answers

    Dr Deepak Chopra, the world-famous pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine, addresses one of the fundamental questions of existence: what happens when we die?. Drawing upon personal experience, the wisdom of ancient Vedic philosophy and state-of-the-art particle physics, Chopra helps us to overcome our fears about dying and to consider the fantastic possibilities that may await us in the afterlife. This is the book that Dr Chopra has been preparing to write his entire life. In it, he considers the theory that death is an illusion of the senses and that the soul survives in an ongoing spiral of refinement, ending in enlightenment. Thought-provoking exercises offer a first-hand experience of these and other ideas, helping you to make sense of your own spirituality whatever path you choose to follow, and offering you your very own map of eternity.

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    What to Do When You Are Dead: Life After Death, Heaven and the Afterlife: A famous Spiritualist psyc
    by Craig Hamilton-Parker

    This book will help you to understand the process of dying and rebirth into the next life. The author is an internationally renowned medium and best selling author. He has used his extensive knowledge and direct mediumistic experiences to clearly describe what life is like after death. Craig Hamilton-Parker has also tackled controversial topics such as sex in the afterlife, reincarnation, the shortcomings of spiritualism, judgement day and the misconceptions of religious belief. The book throws out the myths and endeavors to find the common beliefs - and more importantly proofs - of what lies beyond physical death. What to Do When You Are Dead tackles many challenging issues such as: - Who are we? Is there a God? - What Happens After Death? What is the Afterlife Like? - Is there a Life After Death for Everyone? - What happens on our Deathbed? - Who are the Spirit Guides, Avatars and Angels? - Is Heaven the Final Destination? - Can some Spirits get Trapped Between the Worlds? - Do we Reincarnate?

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