Top 5 Books on Business Sustainability

recommended by Daisy Reynolds

Many businesses are being faced with 21st Century challenges – climate change being one of them – and many are struggling to adapt. While most understand the need for change they don’t know how. It’s so important, now more than ever, to all play our part for a sustainable future and one way to fast-track positive change is having the right business strategy. This collection of books is sure to help business leaders to stay aligned, ensuring they have business sustainability at their core.

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    CORE The Playbook
    by Neil Gaught

    The businesses that will thrive in the future are the ones that meet the fast-changing expectations of today’s customers, employees and investors. From identifying your core purpose through defining a winning strategy, from aligning all your business functions to measuring your success, CORE The Playbook is the most comprehensive resource available for those who understand that businesses have to be both commercially and socially sustainable if they are to survive.

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    Net Positive: How Courageous Companies Thrive by Giving More Than They Take
    by Paul Polman & Andrew Winston

    This book provides a model to help leaders build companies that contribute more to the world than they use or take - that is, net positive companies.

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    The Unsustainable Truth: How Investing for the Future is Destroying the Planet and What to Do About
    by David Ko & Richard Busellato

    This book looks at how investing for the future is destroying the planet and what we can do about it.

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    Companies For Good: Living with modern capitalism
    by David Logan

    Instead of eliminating companies we should now accept their contribution to society, but change the law to ensure that with running a business goes the responsibility to help society face the economic, social and especially environmental challenges of the future. This book looks at just that.

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    Sustainability Is the New Advantage: Leadership, Change, and the Future of Business (Anthem Environm
    by Peter McAteer

    A new generation of leaders and businesses that think and act differently is required to create real change. This book showcases the best practices, new ideas and skills needed to teach a new generation of leaders to manage sustainable businesses of the future.

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