Top 5 Books to Read This Stress Awareness Month

recommended by Daisy Reynolds

In July 2021, a Censuswide survey revealed that 79% of UK adults said they feel stressed at least one day a month. With this in mind and to coincide with Stress Awareness Month, these five books are a brilliant read for anyone wanting to manage their stress levels, both at home and in the workplace.

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    Coming Home: A Guide to Being Your True Self
    by Gillian McMichael

    In life, everyone has several roles to play. They may be a parent, a friend, a sibling, a colleague or a leader. Most of these roles people choose for themselves, however, individuals are sometimes pigeon-holed into positions they would never have foreseen, limited by others’ expectations of how they should think and behave. In Coming Home, transformational coach Gillian McMichael explains how to identify the roles and practices which are preventing people from being their true selves. Writing from a place of empathy and openness, she explores how others’ standards, past conditioning and old patterns can cloud a person’s connection to themselves and understanding of what they really want from life.

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    Success Secrets for Wellbeing
    by Penny Power & +10 World-Class Expert Authors

    Running a business has always been a stressful occupation, and as the structures which have long governed the working world are steadily dismantled by virtual collaboration tools and flexible working patterns, steering a company has become an increasingly unpredictable task. Amongst the demand for a business to grow, the need to look after staff, ensure a positive turnover, and of course, have the chance to innovate, it is easy for business leaders’ own personal health and wellbeing to take a hit. Success Secrets for Wellbeing is the answer to that problem. A fascinating assembly of tips and advice from top professionals on how to live a more balanced and healthy existence, it aims to help readers become self-empowered and prioritise their own wellbeing, even when under significant pressure. Success Secrets for Wellbeing is the go-to book for fresh insights into how professionals and entrepreneurs can put their wellbeing first. The book covers a vast range of topics, with every contributing author addressing a new subject within their chapter, drawing on their vast experience in industries like healthcare, cybersecurity, coaching, psychology and health ergonomics.

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    Burlesque or Bust: Bringing my Mental Health to Heel (Inspirational Series)
    by Sapphira

    Having grown up among strict religious evangelists in Australia, Priscilla fought to escape overbearing authority regimes and damaging emotional cues. However, her desperate attempts to find her own place in the world culminated in a catastrophic breakdown and detachment from reality. Hospitalised with severe bipolar disorder and marked as one of the worst cases of psychosis the doctors had ever seen, Priscilla found her salvation in a lilting piece of piano music, 'Tones'. Finding comfort in the song's melody, she began the painful process of piecing her life back together. In Burlesque or Bust, we are invited to join Sapphira, Priscilla's alter ego, as she escapes to the underground London cabaret circuit. Losing herself on the keys of her piano and in the song lyrics on her lips, she reinvents herself as a dazzling showgirl. Along the way, she meets many powerful personal development teachers who turn her life around. With a new-found purpose, our heroine makes it her life's mission to share the art form that gave her true release, and to share her sparkle and joy with the world.

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    How to De-Stress: The Essential Toolkit for a Calmer Life
    by Anna Barnes

    All of us deal with stress in our daily lives, but the good news is that we can actually do something about it. This book of easy-to-follow tips gives you the tools and techniques you need to understand what’s stressing you and reshape the way you respond. Find out how to: - Handle the pressures of your workplace - Bring greater balance to your home life - Fine-tune your diet to increase your resilience - Boost your well-being through exercise - Feel calmer by using relaxation techniques

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    Stress-Proof: The ultimate guide to living a stress-free life
    by Mithu Storoni

    Are you ready to stop feeling constantly stressed and become the best version of you? In Stress-Proof, Dr Mithu Storoni arms you with all the tools you need to improve your relationship with stress and, in turn, positively boost your mental and physical wellbeing. This book will help you to ensure that a brief stressful episode doesn't turn into systematic overload, leading to inflammation, anxiety, depression or other chronic health issues. Each chapter examines a common stress agent and presents simple ways to minimise its harmful effects with changes in diet, exercise and other daily habits. By strengthening your natural defences, you will guarantee that your mind remains sharp and your body resilient so you're ready for whatever life throws at you. Translating cutting-edge scientific research into applied lifestyle advice, Stress-Proof is the ultimate user's guide for a healthy mind and body.

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