Top books on buying and selling a business

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Life as an entrepreneur can be tough, as many challenges are faced along the journey to success. One of the biggest opportunities to generate significant wealth is by buying, building and selling businesses. For anyone looking to improve mergers, acquisitions and performance, this collection of books will help catapult your business forward.

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    Buy, Build, Sell: The key to unleashing your ambition and achieving entrepreneurial success
    by Paul Seabridge

    In 'Buy Build Sell', author Paul Seabridge shares his tips on investing, buying and selling businesses, as well as his commitment to wealth creation in the belief that, with a proactive mentality and can-do attitude, success is within anybody’s grasp. Drawing on Paul's vast experience, 'Buy Build Sell' is a book every young entrepreneur should read. Whether you are an entrepreneur ready to scale your business or a seasoned business owner looking to sell, Paul’s inspiring story and practical, business-boosting strategies will help you achieve your business goals.

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    Go Do Deals: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Buying & Selling Businesses
    by Jeremy Harbour

    'Go Do Deals' provides entrepreneurs with a practical method to source and buy companies without having capital and without borrowing lots of money. For those who are ready to take the next step on the entrepreneurial ladder and make the shift from customer to shareholder value creation, the book shows them how to, bypass the brokers and find businesses that are NOT for sale, find, approach, and have positive conversations with potential sellers, and know the best time to exit or sell their business.

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    Buying and Selling a Business: An Entrepreneur's Guide
    by Jo Haigh

    In easy-to-follow language, 'Buying and Selling a Business' takes you through the entire process of buying and selling a business, from identifying your target business and assembling the right team to help you, to valuation, agreeing terms and finding the necessary finance. Just as importantly, author Jo Haigh helps you ensure your deal is the right deal for you, offering advice on running the business you buy and implementing proper exit strategies from the start. With valuable appendices containing typical documentation, and how to read them, the book is a one-stop resource to closing the deal and transforming your life.

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    Buying and Selling a Business: How You Can Win in the Business Quadrant
    by Garrett Sutton

    'Buying and Selling a Business' reveals key strategies used to sell and acquire business investments. Author Garrett Sutton, Esq. guides the reader clearly through all of the obstacles to be faced before completing a winning transaction. Offering real life stories, the book illustrates how to prepare your business for sale, analyse acquisition candidates and assemble the right team of experts. The book also clearly identifies how to understand the tax issues of a business sale, how to use confidentiality agreements to your benefit, and how to negotiate your way to a positive result.

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    The Exit-Strategy Playbook: The Definitive Guide to Selling Your Business
    by Adam Coffey

    'The Exit Strategy Playbook' shows you how to assemble a team of expert advisors to prepare your business for sale, and walks you step-by-step through a typical investment-banker-led mid-market sale process from start to finish. Selling your business is an art. This book isn’t about selling fast—it’s about selling smart and achieving maximum value for the time and effort you’ve put into your company. For anyone looking for an instant PhD in the art of the business sale, then this book is a must-read.

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