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recommended by Tracy Lucia Galloway

Questions about women’s role in the church worldwide? What does the Bible say? What verses were adjusted from the original dead sea scrolls to confuse this issue for centries like Junia, a female apostle who had an “s” added to the end of her name hundreds of years after the fact by the scribe to create a male version of her name? Or Pricilla who was one of the first female pastors serving with Paul? Or that Jesus picked a woman to be the first one to share the gospel with men after He was raised from the dead? Or that Pheobe was sent by Paul as a missionary to read his letters “the Bible” to the church and explain them to the men and women in the early church? Learn how the verse “woman should be silent” actually has a greek quotation mark by it explaining that Paul was quoting a religious Jew who was having trouble with women in leadership in the church. Paul then rebukes him right after by saying “do you think the gospel came for you and me only?” and immediately affirms women in ministry.

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    Why Not Women : A Biblical Study of Women in Missions, Ministry, and Leadership
    by Loren Cunningham, David Joel Hamilton & Janice Rogers

    I have read many books on this topic but this is by far the best one. It is written by the Founder of Youth With A Mission one of the largest ministries in the world with over a thousand ministry bases worldwide. It is Co-Authored by Davide Joel Hamilton one of the top world-renowned scholars and theologians on women in the Bible. Jance Rogers contributed as well. I have been a woman in ministry for over 30 years now and as a reverend, there are certain circles that have no problem with hearing me preach or mentor men and women. Yet, there are still a few isolated circles that have not been exposed to this and also have not been taught the Biblical significance of this in scripture. One or two verses have been misinterpreted when translated into English and therefore mostly English speaking countries have trouble with women in ministry because of this misinterpretation. This is all spelled out for you in this book. If you want a short read that touches on this book and others but has more space than provided here. Go to www.shepreaches.blogspot.com Over fifty ministers and theologians contributed to and helped edit this book. It directly addresses the culture of Daughters of Eve being evil and how that overflowed into a worldview of women being temptresses and evil instead of daughters of God. It delicately and accurately handles the Biblical verses about headship, praying and prophesying, should women keep silent, do not permit a woman to teach, Paul's gracious solution, women leaders and more. This is a book not for women as much as for men who have a wife, a mother, a daughter so that they can champion them effectively towards all that God is calling them to be. Though the fact that most women do not know what is in the this book and the Bible regarding themselves is really a travesty. It starts by saying "We dedicate this book to our daughters and granddaughters. May they never experience limits on their God-given destinies." Highly recommend!!!

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    Aimee Semple McPherson: Everybody's Sister (Library of Religious Biography (LRB))
    by Edith L. Blumhofer

    A Biography to put hands and feet to the historical account of one of the most famous female ministers of all-time in America. Nowadays it would be hard to find anyone who knows the name "Aimee Semple McPherson" but at the time of this story, 1 in every 50 people in America had attended one of her nationwide meetings. This an interesting story about the success of a female minister with her roots in The Salvation Army and crusades as large as Billy Graham and Billy Sunday, started the largest church in Los Angeles, started a Bible College that my 97-year-old grandmother attended and a began a denomination that currently has over 60 thousand churches worldwide called Foursquare. It is an interesting page-turner that helps the reader to see how God used one woman in the turn of the century to lead thousands to the saving knowledge of Jesus and healing in their physical bodies. Before women could vote or barely work a job outside of the home, there was Aimee Semple McPherson obeying the call of Jesus and in turn, moving in all the giftings of the Holy Spirit with the precious fruit of souls saved. An interesting and fun read of her worldwide adventures!

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    Ten Lies the Church Tells Women: How the Bible Has Been Misused to Keep Women in Spiritual Bondage
    by J. Lee Grady

    The gospel was never intended to restrain women from pursuing God or to prevent them from fulfilling their divine destiny. In this powerful book you will learn how cultural bias, male pride and misinterpretation of the Bible have paralyzed women who are called to do the work of Christ. In 10 Lies you will discover why Jesus went out of His way to minister to and disciple women. Why so many Christian women suffer in abusive marriages - and why many pastors don't do anything about the problem. Why historic church leaders, including Martin Luther and John Calvin believed women were inferior to men. How "the Proverbs 31 woman" has been misinterpreted to deny women opportunities in the workplace. How the apostle Paul empowered many women to be church leaders and why we rarely hear sermons about the biblical prophetess Deborah.

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    A Simple Path-Open Market
    by Mother Teresa Mother Teresa

    Whatever our views of Mother Teresa as a courageous missionary or a living saint, she has made a lasting impression. We all have an opinion about her. She has been recognized as an exponent of world peace and often appears on lists of the world's ten most admired women. Yet she herself has never claimed to be, or to be doing, anything extraordinary. But how much do we actually know of Mother Teresa's philosophy and her work? When we take the trouble to look beyond the public view, we find that her faith and her clarity of purpose give us powerful lessons in the ways of loving, serving, and respecting our fellow human beings, especially those who are poor and deprived. She practices what she preaches. She treads a simple path, and it can be followed by anyone.

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    All the Women Of... (All the Women of the Bible)
    by Herbert Lockyer

    If you want to go straight to the Bible, besides just using your own, this a more concise listing of every female in the Bible and their ministry and or mistakes - just like the men, with some commentary. It is informative for deep study and great if you like lists. There is some bias of the author as when he accounts the ministry of Phoebe, his exegesis in regard to her ministry leadership in the church at Paul's blessing the author states is to "women only" - there is nothing in the scripture to say her ministry in the church was to"women only" which shows his bias. The Bible implies that her ministry is to the entire church if you read and study the text. This, therefore, is an excellent example of how misinterpretation of scripture has been allowed in Christian writings for centuries. Nevertheless, it is my 5th recommendation to offer a book that has a quick interesting overview of all of the women of the Bible minus the slight bias here and there. My top theological online website recommend is to go to www.juniaproject.com It is filled with much more recommends articles with deep theological Biblical interpretation with almost everything under the sun on this topic. A "must look at" to accompany any study on women in ministry no matter what your upbringing our worldview. If you stand on the Bible as the Word of God, www.juniaproject.com is a must. I hope these recommendations help open your heart to the Word of God that is unchanging and God's word to EVERYONE to bring life, freedom, and the fullness of what He created for you, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ with the sharing of your faith to whomever He places in your path, male or female, old or young, black or Asian, or Hispanic or white, fat or thin, smart or dumb, rich or poor, Christ came for everyone with love and forgiveness to anyone who would call on the name of the Lord, turn from their sins and receive Him into their lives. Be free and ask Jesus into your life now :)

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