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Italian Book Club — Zeno’s Conscience by Italo Svevo

Waterstones Oxford

5th June 2017

Zeno’s Conscience by Italo Svevo

At our next Italian book club meeting, we’ll be talking about Italo Svevo’s The Conscience of Zeno.

Italo Svevo (not his real name) was a friend of James Joyce’s. Zeno’s Conscience is sometimes dubbed Italy’s first ‘psychological novel.’

We’ll be meeting at 6.30pm on Monday, June 5th, in the cafe at Waterstones Oxford (on the second floor). As usual, Prosecco will be served. Join us!

Heads up for our July meeting:

For those wanting to prepare for the July meeting, our choice is Italo Calvino’s The Path to the Spiders’ Nests.

For those who haven’t attended before, the Five Books/Waterstones Italian Book Club meets (generally) on the first Monday of every month in Oxford.

A presto,

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