Gifts for Coders and Computer Scientists

Our recent computer science interviews have been among our most popular ever, and offer a selection of outstanding book titles which would make excellent presents for your coder friends this holiday season: start with Ana Bell’s discussion of the best books on computer science and programming. We’ve gathered some highlights below, plus a couple of non-book gift ideas, to help you plan your Christmas shopping.

Reading-Related Gadgets for Book Lovers

If you are looking for a gift for the book lover in your life, but you’re not sure which titles they already have on their bookshelves, a reading-related gadget might make a thoughtful present this holiday season. Below we’ve selected five suggestions – to suit every budget – that will make their life easier.

Presents for Children Who Love To Read

We at Five Books are always desperately keen that kids should catch the reading bug early: if you know a child who has, or have a child you’d like to convince, we have a myriad of gift suggestions. Firstly, nothing would be more appropriate than a good book. We have dozens of interviews with authors and illustrators, each of whom recommend five of their favourite books – browse them all here. But if you’d like to branch out from books alone, some of these carefully selected gift ideas might make suitable presents – covering everything from stocking fillers or gifts for friends’ offspring, to more significant purchases which could mark a special occasion.

Gifts for the Aspiring Author in Your Life

Writing a first book can be a long, slow and solitary road. Support the hopeful novelist, poet or non-fiction writer in your life by buying them one of these useful gifts this holiday season. For more ideas, please see our ‘how to write’ archives, where we have a dozen interviews with authors who recommend titles that they found helped their own writing process.

Even More Stocking Fillers for Book Lovers

Still searching for that special little something for the reader in your life? Our first and second lists of small presents—also suitable as stocking fillers or Secret Santa gifts—are a good place to start. Or here are five more ideas, all of which come in at under $25.

Useful Presents for the Book Lover Who Travels

It can be tricky to find a suitable gift for a person who lives out of a carry case. They’ve been everywhere, seen everything, and they simply don’t have the baggage allowance for scented candles or paperweights. World literature is a good place to start; we’ve gathered together reading lists by country, to help you choose suitable titles. Or here are five further ideas, with an emphasis on usefulness.

The Best Board Games

There’s going to be lots of time spent with family over the holiday season and board games are a great way to have fun together. In Germany, there is an annual ‘Spiel des Jahres’ or ‘Game of the Year’ prize that’s awarded and the games that win that are often very, very good family games. We’ve included this year’s winner below.

Gift Book Box Sets for Children

Nothing is more conducive to developing a love for reading among children than having a whole library of exciting titles to choose from at home. We have dozens of wonderful book recommendations in our children’s and young adults archives, while a beautifully bound box set can make for a very special gift to be treasured forever. Here are five evergreen favourites which would be at home on any child’s shelf.

Gifts for Getting Children into Nature

It can be difficult, in the era of the iPad, to engender a love for the natural world. Earlier this year we ran an interview with the author M G Leonard, who recommended five classic children’s nature books which should help them engage with flora and fauna. We have also compiled a few other gift suggestions below to help guide your present purchases these holidays.

Gift Box Sets of Classic Books

Box sets of books, especially when they are nicely bound, make beautiful gifts – and these classics make their way time and time again onto our book recommendations in all subject areas.