Alom Shaha

Alom Shaha

Alom Shaha is a physics teacher who splits his time between a comprehensive school in London and a university technical college in Watford. When he is not teaching, he works as a filmmaker, writer and science communicator. He is the author of The Young Atheist’s Handbook and Mr Shaha’s Recipes for Wonder. He was worked with the Royal Institution, University College London and The Institute of Physics, focusing on making films to encourage and help parents carry out science activities at home with their children, and also for teachers, about teaching. Alom has written, produced and directed a number of TV programmes about science, ranging in subject matter from particle physics to mathematics.

Interviews with Alom Shaha

The Best Science-based Novels for Children, recommended by Alom Shaha

There are umpteen science textbooks out there to help kids with their science homework. But what about the broader picture, the creativity, the advantages of becoming a scientifically literate individual? Alom Shaha, teacher, filmmaker and science communicator, recommends five great novels to inspire your kids with the wonder of science.

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