Chris Paley

Chris Paley

Dr Chris Paley has an MSci, an MA and a PhD from the University of Cambridge. He has worked as an oil man, a nuclear-reactor tester, and an undergraduate supervisor. His first book, Unthink, has been published in six languages. Beyond Bad: How Obsolete Morals Are Holding Us Back is out now; The Bookseller described it as “doing for morals what Dawkins did for God.”

Interviews with Chris Paley

The best books on Evolutionary Psychology, recommended by Chris Paley

Human traits are a product of natural selection—and the story of how we have evolved explains many of our psychological quirks today. Chris Paley, author of Unthink and Beyond Bad, recommends five of the best evolutionary psychology books—and explains how experimental data might finally get to the bottom of the question of free will.

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