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Dacia Maraini was born in Florence. Her Sicilian mother came from the old Alliata family from Salaparuta and her half-English father was a famous ethnologist. After a difficult childhood she moved to Rome, where she continued her studies and did a variety of jobs to make ends meet. Together with several other young people, she founded a literary magazine called Tempo di Letteratura, published by Pironti in Naples, and began contributing to magazines, including Nuovi Argomenti and Mondo. During the 60s she published her first novels and also began to turn her attention to the theatre. Together with a group of writers, she founded the Teatro del Porcospino, a theatre devoted exclusively to staging new Italian works by the likes of Parise, Gadda, Tornabuoni and Moravia. In 1973 she contributed to the foundation of the Teatro della Maddalena, run solely by women. Five years later, this theatre put on her play Dialogo di una Prostituta Con un suo Cliente (Dialogue of a Prostitute and her Client), which was translated into English and French and staged in 12 different countries.

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