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Daniel Defoe (1660-1731) was a prolific English writer and occupies a revered place in the annals of English literature. Defoe emerged as a literary force during a tumultuous era marked by political upheaval, economic transformation, and the rise of the novel as a distinctive literary form.

Defoe’s enduring legacy is perhaps best encapsulated in his masterpiece, Robinson Crusoe, a novel that continues to captivate readers with its exploration of isolation, survival, and the human spirit.

Ibn Tufail’s The Journey of the Soul is a novella which was written in the 12th century. Ibn Tufail was born in a town called Guadix near Granada and he was Ibn Rushd’s teacher who was a great philosopher. I think it is an extraordinary book. Many people see it as one of the inspirations behind Robinson Crusoe. There was a translation done of it from the Arabic into Latin just a few years before Defoe wrote Crusoe and there are various parallels between the two books.

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