Donna McBride

Donna McBride

Donna Short McBride is a Fellow at the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture where she runs ‘The Historians’ reading group. The group meets monthly to discuss books from all areas of history. She is also a Senior Consultant, History Specialist at the MacMillan Institute. Dr. McBride earned her Ph.D. in the Humanities at the University of Texas at Dallas. She has taught history and literature at the university level and at the secondary school level for 40 years.

Interviews with Donna McBride

Best Books for History Reading Groups, recommended by Donna McBride

It’s a golden age for narrative history, with lots of highly readable books bringing to life many different aspects of the past, says historian Donna McBride. A Fellow of the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture, she has led ‘The Historians’ reading group there for the last five years. Here, she recommends some of the best popular histories the group has read and shares some tips on how to set up and run your own history reading group.

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