Efua Traoré

Efua Traoré

Efua Traoré is a Nigerian-German author who grew up in a small town in Nigeria. Following a career in market research Efua discovered her love of writing and won the 2018 Commonwealth Short Story Prize for Africa with her story ‘True Happiness’. She wrote her debut novel, Children of the Quicksands, for her daughters to share her childhood adventures with them.

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Best West African Fantasy Books for Teenagers, recommended by Efua Traoré

Fantasy inspired by West Africa is taking the literary scene for teens and young adults by storm. These books have strong world-building and all the usual fantasy ingredients. At the same time, drawing on rich seams of mythology and magical traditions such as juju, they bring something entirely fresh to the genre. Author Efua Traoré talks us through her pick of West African fantasy novels for teenagers.

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