Julien Delagrange

Julien Delagrange

Julien Delagrange (b. 1994, BE) is a Belgian contemporary artist and the artistic director of Contemporary Art Issue. Graduated as an art historian at Ghent University, Delagrange has worked for the Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR) in Brussels, the Jan Vercruysse Foundation and the Ghent University Library. His artistic practice and written art criticism are strongly intertwined, examining contemporary art and new perspectives in representational painting.

Interviews with Julien Delagrange

The best books on Figurative Painting Today, recommended by Julien Delagrange

Collectors and curators have been clamouring for figurative art in recent years, as a generation of painters take a more traditional, representational approach to addressing major cultural themes in their work. But is figurative painting today merely a reactionary impulse, a kind of nostalgia for art that preceded modernism, postmodernism and the fragmentation in art-making that was ushered in by conceptual art? There is much more to it than that, argues painter and art historian Julien Delagrange.

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