P W Singer and August Cole

Peter Warren Singer is Strategist and Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation, author of multiple award-winning books, and a contributing editor at Popular Science.

August Cole is a nonresident senior fellow at the Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security at the Atlantic Council. He is also director of the Art of Future War project, which explores narrative fiction and visual media for insight into the future of conflict. Previously, he was defense industry reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

Interviews with P W Singer and August Cole

P W Singer and August Cole choose the best books on World War III

What will the next global conflict look like? Two of America’s leading defence experts, P W Singer and August Cole, turned to science fiction to explore the prospect of a future war, and how existing technology might be used in one. Here, they choose five novels depicting a fictional World War Three that served as inspiration.

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