5 Books for Entrepreneurs With No Business Experience

recommended by Daisy Reynolds

The desire to earn more money, be your own boss and pursue a passion is making more and more people want to start their own business. It is commonly thought that to be a successful entrepreneur you need to have in-depth experience and / or a business degree. However, starting a business without prior experience or a university education is in fact possible. This collection of books will demonstrate just how possible it is and provides budding entrepreneurs with ideas, top tips, advice and support, to take their business to the next level.

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    Nailed It!: How one woman turned a dream business into a huge success
    by Jeanette Sklivanou

    Nailed It! draws on the authors' ten years of experience building her nail varnish brand ‘Snails’ (Safe 'N' Beautiful) into a global success. The book empowers budding entrepreneurs to keep going against all odds with actionable steps to take to overcome adversity. Author Jeanette stresses it is those who can hold their heads high and maintain a steadfast belief in their product that will succeed. Furthermore, Nailed It! explains how you do not need experience to start a business. Other elements such as self-belief and belief in the product, time and research are significantly more important than previous knowledge gained. Nailed It! is the perfect read for any aspiring entrepreneur. Its unique mix of supportive messages and practical tips simultaneously empowers readers to never stop believing in themselves and their ideas, whilst equipping them with her award-winning business secrets.

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    Too Big for Your Boots: How I Built a 7-figure Brand as a Young Entrepreneur with No Startup Funds a
    by Liv Conlon

    Author Liv is leading the next generation on how to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit and blaze their own trail. Too Big For Your Boots is the ultimate how-to guide on how to build a wildly successful business and thriving personal brand. No matter what age you choose to start a business, this book covers everything you need to succeed in today's world. Step outside your comfort zone, share your story and take action…it will truly change your life.

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    Living A Laptop Lifestyle
    by Greg Scott & Fiona Scott

    Follow the 'Five Essential Steps To Success' as you read an intriguing and compelling guide for creating your own online business. Each chapter is carefully composed to suit the budding entrepreneur; from the very basics of getting started, right through to creating your very own website, and making money online. Greg and Fiona Scott, share their own absorbing account of their online business, while discussing the many trials and pitfalls. They take you on an engrossing journey towards the lifestyle that they have become accustomed. Their story involves other well-esteemed entrepreneurs, who have all made a valuable contribution to their lives, plus they meticulously cover a full-range of essential topics, which are designed to take the potential entrepreneur towards their ultimate goal - living a life full of choice.

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    Limitless Thinking: How One Young Entrepreneur Found Success With No Degree, Experience or Money
    by Jeet Banerjee

    At the age of 17, Jeet Banerjee set out on a journey unlike any other. Frustrated with his low-paying jobs, he decided to create his own path in life by pursuing entrepreneurship. Jeet was still in high school, had no formal experience in the business world and had absolutely no money when he started. With all those barriers, Jeet grew his first business to 15+ employees before selling the company two years later. In this book, he shares his perspective on how a fulfilling life should be lived. Jeet shares powerful and practical advice from his experiences in the entrepreneurial world. He shows people that it's not your credentials, but your mindset that can lead you to success. This book helps people overcome their limited thinking to pursue their dreams and achieve the unthinkable.

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    Starting A Business: Starting A Business: A 7-Step System to Successfully Launch Your Own Business &
    by Walter Grant

    If you’re an absolute business novice and don’t know the first thing about what it takes to launch your own startup, then don’t worry, author Walter Grant makes it easy to follow along. With straightforward guidance, clear instructions, and a checklist to assist you every step of the way, becoming a business owner is not far from your reach. If you want to discover how you can become your own boss and lead the business of your dreams, then this book is definitely one to read!

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