5 Books to Help Survive Stressful Times

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With a new set of challenges we are facing due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there is a need for a whole new set of tools, to maintain mental fitness, manage stress, and support others in your community. Here are the best new books to equip you with the tools.

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    Spiritual Ninja: A Guidebook for Energetic Self-Defense, Protection, and Connection in the Modern Wo
    by Janelle Christa

    For the ultimate guidebook in grounding, this is the book that can reconnect you in the modern world. A spiritual ninja herself, Janelle Christa introduces us to a selection of practical approaches that all readers can implement to awaken their super-spiritual powers. By learning such vital skills in this often disenchanted world, we can develop cleaner energy to cope with the world as a result. With a fantastic offering of rituals, meditations, and standard practices all clearly explained and demonstrated, the result is a better connection all-round with both those around us and the modern world itself.

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    Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times: Powerful Tools to Cultivate Calm, Clarity, and Courage
    by Philip Goldberg

    For those times when the world goes a little too crazy, this book offers the tools to reclaim that much-needed calmness. In Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times, Philip Goldberg provides readers with a concise but ultimately compassionate guide, leading you to that silent sanctuary that’s within us all. Drawing on a vast selection of texts from many a spiritual path, Philip provides some fantastic advice on how to create your own regular practice routine to suit the demands of your current lifestyle. Therefore, whenever you need to escape from this often crazy word, you’ll be fully prepared and find the refuge you seek.

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    The Universe Speaks, Are You Listening?: 111 High-Vibrational Messages on Love, Healing, and Existen
    by Cassady Cayne

    A most uplifting guide, this book is the inspiration you need to find love both within your relationships and within yourself. Cassady Cayne offers a companion in the form of her book The Universe Speaks, Are you Listening? Written as a form of communication straight to the heart, she aims to offer messages for relationships, love, and indeed existence. These will, in turn, give readers the inspiration they need to form their own path. A perfect friend when you feel in need of a little guidance, this is the book you can dip into whenever you require a surge of motivation.

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    The Upside of Being Down: How Mental Health Struggles Led to My Greatest Successes in Work and Life
    by Jen Gotch

    For those who find themselves struggling with their mental health, this is the life-changing book guaranteed to add some brightness to your day. Though now responsible for a multimillion-dollar brand, Jen Gotch struggled with and was diagnosed with many mental health conditions during her early years. In The Upside of Being Down, she invites the reader on a powerful journey from the first diagnosis to finally accepting her worth. What’s more, Jen is a prime example of how we can all learn to embrace our differences and unique personalities and work to create some of our best moments in life.

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    Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire: The Guide to Being Glorious You
    by Jen Hatmaker

    If you’re looking for a life that’s worth living, then this is the read for you! Jen Hatmaker brings reality to the fore in her wonderful Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire guide. Here she tells it like it is, urging all women to hit back at the negative culture that society has created for many years. Yet, the quest here is ultimately to reclaim their rightful positions. Offering five self-reflective categories, Jen believes in the power of rising up, standing straight, and owning our space, ground, and indeed gifts. Best of all, she shows us how we can all do this, guilt-free, creating that life that’s undoubtedly worth living.

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