5 Essential Reads on Career Development

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In life, we can all feel a little ‘stuck’ at times and unsure which road to take next. With the lack of a map and the knowledge on which steps to take, it can leave us feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated, leading to procrastination – no place anyone looking to further their career wants to be! This collection of books will offer some inspiration and guidance to overcome the roadblocks, in order to achieve your dream career.

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    The Personal Board of You Inc.: How to recruit the best personal advisors to accelerate achievement
    by Emma Maslen

    With many individuals finding themselves at a crossroads in their careers, author Emma Maslen likens the importance of creating a support network that will help them make career and personal decisions to the process of building a corporate board. Introducing the concept of a “Personal Board”, in both instances, groups are designed to provide ad-hoc advice and guidance, and are integral to the success of the subject they advise. In 'The Personal Board of You INC', Emma explains how readers can recruit the best and most applicable personal advisors to accelerate their goals, thus creating the optimal Personal Board. It covers topics such as how to identify each person’s own needs and ambitions, the importance of networking, what makes creating a solid collection of advisors successful and when to consult the board. Applicable to all career stages, from graduate to entrepreneur, to established senior leader, this book reinforces the need to constantly invest and grow networks throughout every role and period of life. It covers the mindset and practical steps required to make the most of your network, right through from defining the objectives to feedback and sustaining the board.

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    12 Universal Skills: The Beginner's Guide to a Successful Work Life
    by Peter Scheele & Nina Bech-Andersen

    Written with career starters in mind – but applicable to everybody – '12 Universal Skills' demystifies the twelve most important skills into practical “how-to” advice. In a unique framework, you will find all the tips and tricks and do’s and don’ts you need to get your career off to a good start and thrive in your job. With straightforward explanations and action steps, readers will learn how to create a career path that matches their strengths and background, build confidence in themselves, their skills, and their ideas, make sure they live up to expectations, avoid stress, handle mistakes and conflicts with grace and manage difficult conversations. Based on the authors’ extensive experience and backed by detailed research and conversations with leadership experts, this is the ultimate guide for entering work life. Or for catching up if you’re unhappy or frustrated at work.

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    The Successful Career Toolkit: Your Quick Fire Guide to Mastering Business Skills
    by Patrick Barr

    'The Successful Career Toolkit' is a helpful survival guide to keep on hand no matter where your career takes you. With focused, skill-based topics in three broad areas - managing yourself, managing tools and processes, and managing others - this book uses tried-and-trusted coaching techniques to help you face any imaginable workplace challenge, from asking for a raise or managing a difficult conversation, to improving your presentation skills or giving constructive feedback to an employee. Written by experienced senior business leader, coach, and mentor Patrick Barr, this book does what it says on the tin - providing concise and empowering guidance on a range of essential business skills. With practical, interactive exercises throughout, 'The Successful Career Toolkit' is a vital resource you will return to again and again as you progress in your chosen career.

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    Career Fear (and how to beat it): Get the Perspective, Mindset and Skills You Need to Futureproof yo
    by Somi Arian

    In this practical and reassuring book, you'll explore the perspective, mindset and uniquely human skills you need for a resilient and thriving career - without the fear. From understanding how the world of work is changing, to self-reflection and developing your critical thinking; author Somi Arian guides you through everything you need to be ready for an exciting and varied journey through life and work. Packed with clear, useful examples and inspiring case studies, 'Career Fear (and how to beat it)' helps you beat that career fear and prepares you to succeed - no matter where your career takes you. In this age of innovation, staying in control of your work life can feel overwhelmingly challenging. So what does it take to have - and be in control of - a successful and fulfilling career? This book answers this all-important question.

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    The Job-Ready Guide: How to Set Yourself Up for Career Success
    by Anastasia de Waal

    From gaining work experience, to mastering essential skills and acing the application process, 'The Job-Ready Guide' is a complete resource for standing out from the crowd and getting a job offer. It shows you how to build a strong CV, write an impressive cover letter, excel at interviews, and cultivate the professionalism that employers want. Moving from education into the workplace can be a challenge: the world of work demands skills that you may never have had to truly use - or think about - before. 'The Job-Ready Guide' will help you to boost your employability, covering everything you need to prepare for and start a successful career. You'll be able to conduct a systematic job search, learn how to network and develop a personal brand online, as well as hone valuable skills including leadership, teamwork, creativity and problem-solving. A highly practical, hands-on guide, this book is packed with useful features, including interactive exercises to help you in your real life; insider advice from employers; and tips from professionals at different stages in their careers who reveal 'what they wish they'd known'.

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