Five books on regenerative ageing

recommended by Jayden Gould

Regenerative medicine is focused on developing and applying new treatments to heal tissues and organs and restore function lost due to aging, disease, damage or defects. The human body has the natural ability to heal itself in many ways. These are the five best books to teach you how you can take this approach by yourself and feel the affects of regenerative ageing.

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    Regeneration by Design: The science of superhuman ageing
    by Professor Paul Lee

    Dive into a science-fuelled journey of transformation and experience ageing not as inevitable pain, but as superhuman strength and rejuvenation. Read Regeneration By Design to: Unleash your regenerative superpowers: Master the Six Superhuman Steps to minimise external disturbances and optimise your body's regenerative capacity for lifelong mobility Revolutionise your life with science: Adopt a systematic approach to your health, blending physics, chemistry and biology to protect and enhance musculoskeletal function Eat and live like a superhuman: Leverage advanced dietary insights and practical lifestyle modifications to fuel your body's innate healing and regeneration processes Craft your health blueprint: Harness the power of AI and digital technology to create a personal health plan for informed decisions on regenerative treatments Become the master of your medical destiny: Navigate the complexities of modern medical advice with confidence and make educated choices about treatments and interventions for regenerative living

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    by Peter Attia & Bill Gifford

    For all its successes, mainstream medicine has failed to make much progress against the diseases of ageing that kill most people: heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and type 2 diabetes. Too often, it intervenes with treatments too late, prolonging lifespan at the expense of quality of life. Dr Peter Attia, the world's top longevity expert who is featured on Chris Hemsworth's National Geographic documentary LIMITLESS, believes we must replace this outdated framework with a personalised, proactive strategy for longevity. This isn't 'biohacking,' it's science: a well-founded strategic approach to extending lifespan while improving our physical, cognitive and emotional health, making each decade better than the one before. With Outlive's practical advice and roadmap, you can plot a different path for your life, one that lets you outlive your genes to make each decade better than the one before.

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    Age Proof: The New Science of Living a Longer and Healthier Life
    by Rose Anne Kenny & Professor Rose Anne Kenny

    Professor Rose Anne Kenny has 35 years of experience at the forefront of ageing medicine. In Age Proof, she draws on her own pioneering research and the latest evidence to demystify why we age and shows us that 80% of our ageing biology is within our control: we can not only live longer lives but become happier and healthier deep into our later years. Effortlessly distilling scientific theory into practical advice that we can apply to our everyday lives, Professor Kenny examines the impact that food, genetics, friendships, purpose, sex, exercise and laughter have on how our cells age. This illuminating book will show you the steps you can take to stay younger for longer - and will prove that you really are just as young as you feel.

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    Successful Aging: A Neuroscientist Explores the Power and Potential of Our Lives
    by Daniel J. Levitin

    SUCCESSFUL AGING delivers powerful insights: • Debunking the myth that memory always declines with age • Confirming that "health span"—not "life span"—is what matters • Proving that sixty-plus years is a unique and newly recognized developmental stage • Recommending that people look forward to joy, as reminiscing doesn't promote health Levitin looks at the science behind what we all can learn from those who age joyously, as well as how to adapt our culture to take full advantage of older people's wisdom and experience. Throughout his exploration of what aging really means, using research from developmental neuroscience and the psychology of individual differences, Levitin reveals resilience strategies and practical, cognitive- enhancing tricks everyone should do as they age. Successful Aging inspires a powerful new approach to how readers think about our final decades, and it will revolutionize the way we plan for old age as individuals, family members, and citizens within a society where the average life expectancy continues to rise.

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    Breaking the Age Code
    by Rebecca Levy

    In Breaking the Age Code, Dr Levy draws on pioneering research to offer stunning revelations about the mind-body connection. She demonstrates that many aspects of ageing we consider to be natural, such as memory loss, hearing decline and cardiovascular events, are in fact influenced by our own negative biases, often informed by cultural ageism. She tackles head on how we can shift these outdated ideas at a societal level and what we can do to help ourselves. Positive, practical and full of fresh insights, Breaking the Age Code will dismantle your assumptions about how we get older and leave you looking forward to what the future holds.

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