Five essential reads for anyone with a vape brand

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In recent years the British high street has struggled, however, since they began to appear in the noughties, vape retail stores have continued to thrive. With many smokers switching to vaping, the vape industry is rapidly growing. If you have a vape brand and you’d like to future-proof your business for years to come, then make some time to read this collection of books. You’ll discover insights and advice from vape industry professionals, leaving you with the confidence to lead a profitable and sustainable vape business.

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    How Safe Is Your Vape?: Future-proofing your brand through robust compliance
    by Lee Bryan

    Having lost three relatives to smoking-related illnesses, Lee Bryan, author of 'How Safe Is Your Vape?' is passionate about helping vaping brands raise the bar to create a smoke-free generation. He works with the industry’s innovators to help them future-proof their businesses through robust strategies for compliance, consumer safety and continued profitability. Across the world, the vaping industry continuously receives scrutiny from regulatory authorities and legislators, making it vital that vaping pioneers have a manageable and effective compliance strategy in place. Lee’s new book 'How Safe Is Your Vape?' aims to help industry entrepreneurs remain in the game by focusing on compliance and having consumer protection at the forefront of everything they do. Broken into clear chapters and written in layman’s terms, the book is the one-stop-read for entrepreneurs and established brand leaders alike, whatever their experience or prior knowledge of compliance. Leaving no stone unturned, Lee covers topics such as compliance and the law, the future of regulation, risk management and quality management, product analysis and more. 'How Safe Is Your Vape?; explains the baseline regulatory obligations for vape manufacturers in depth, providing a valuable blueprint for success in the current regulatory landscape. Rest assured, after reading this book, industry pioneers will be equipped with the knowledge that will lead to a sustainable, safe and profitable business.

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    Ultimate Guide to E-Cigarette Retail Business: Step By Step Guide On How To Open a Vape Shop On and
    by Shane Alexander

    The 'Ultimate Guide to E-Cigarette Retail Business' is a two-part guide. In the first part, author Shane Alexander discusses everything about how to set up and start your retail business. In the second part, he discusses how to start and grow your online business. With the vape industry growing by the day, this book is a great tool to get you started. Remember every day you wait and think about taking the first step; someone else is already taking that same first step and getting ahead of you. This guidebook gives readers an inside look at how easy it can be to set up and operate an e-cigarette retail business even with a tight budget.

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    Vapreneur: Your Guide to Mastering the Vape Space
    by Norm Bour

    This step-by-step guide shares the different options and opportunities for getting into the vape and e-cigarette industry and helps you determine your best path. In the book, author Norm Bour covers brick-and-mortar locations, online store strategies, manufacturing your own e-liquids / juice lines, and affiliate programs. 'Vapreneur' enables readers to learn where the market is "going" and how you can be part of it. It includes special reports, case studies, real-life profiles, and video and audio reports. Take advantage of four decades worth of entrepreneurial experience and wisdom, rather than doing it wrong on your own!

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    The Vape Shop Manual: The Comprehensive Guide To Starting A Successful Vape Shop
    by Sham Shivaie

    The vape industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar, global industry. Across the world, speciality vape shops are building successful and profitable businesses catering to the millions of people who now vape. 'The Vape Shop Manual' by Sham Shivaie shares the steps needed to start and grow a successful vape shop. This guide will teach you everything you need to know, from the first-hand experience of someone who's done it. 'The Vape Shop Manual' lays out the blueprint for success in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step system. It answers the questions many vapers have always wondered about operating a vape shop. Don't miss out on this multi-billion dollar industry, learn how to cash in and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not only build a lucrative business but also help people improve their quality of life.

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    Verified Vape Supplies Vendor List: Wholesale and Dropship Suppliers
    by Business Success Shop

    With 'Verified Vape Supplies Vendor List', you don't have a lot of time to spend finding quality suppliers. With the vendor lists provided by the Business Success Shop, you'll spend less time finding the right vendors and more time making sales. This excellent guide includes reputable wholesale and dropship vendors. Products these vendors sell include e-cigarettes, disposable vapes, vape coils, vape kits, vape mods, vape bottling supplies, vape tanks, vape batteries and vape chargers. All vendors have been researched and vetted, and the businesses' names and websites are provided. If you already own or you're ready to launch a vape shop business, then this verified vendor list is perfect for you.

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