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While focusing on other aspects of content writing, we often skip a lot of fundamentals that are quite necessary for developing professional content writing abilities. One such ability is to read. Content analysts and experts highly advise the new generation writers to read content writing books, articles, journals, blogs, and any other form of content as much as they can.

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    The Successful Author Mindset Companion Workbook: A Handbook for Surviving the Writer's Journey
    by Joanna Penn

    Joanna Penn is a New York Times bestseller and is the author of many books like this one. “The successful author mindset” this book made it to the very first position in the list of best content writing books because the mindset is where actual content writing begins. Joanna Penn is also a motivational speaker and an entrepreneur. She runs a website featuring all her books and write-ups and interestingly the website has been quite consistent in performing as it has been voted regularly amongst the best 10 websites for writers and self-publishers. The right mindset could help the writer present accurate content. Having the correct mindset is very much necessary as a writer and therefore this book speaks a lot about the mental health aspects of a writer. In its very first part, this content writing book by Joanna Penn speaks a lot about Fears of being judged and getting rejected. It also speaks about criticism and Self-doubt, which are genuinely practical problems of content writers which need to be addressed. This book is the best “Kind of” starter pack and guide for the beginners and amateur content writers. This content writing book addresses these problems very deeply and therefore is loved by many. The writer has covered a lot of post publishing issues that content writers face, followed by the third part which speaks about the tips of success on the journey of being an author. This is one of the most recommended contents writing books that are a must-read for every content writer and aspiring writers who are starting their career in content writing.

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    Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content
    by Ann Handley

    Everybody writes is also a content writing book similar to the previous one in the list that focuses on brand recognition based on content. That’s pure content marketing, but the tricks and tactics that the author Ann Handley speaks about are way different from the general norms of marketing content. Ann Handley is an expert in this domain and therefore has a lot of experience which she had perfectly used to analyze the marketing the structure which is completely based on content, yet different from the set standards of marketing and very much effective. Ann Handley has been recognized by Forbes as the most influential woman in social media. She is also amongst the top 20 blogger list published by Forbes women. This content writing book speaks a lot about influencing customers through stellar online communication. Ann Handley believes, in this content-driven world, every one of us is a writer. Everyone Writes is a really popular book that addresses the depths of content marketing and therefore it is recommended for those you have taken a step ahead in content writing and are of a stage where they require planning, publishing, and marketing of their content.

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    The Scribe Method: The Best Way to Write and Publish Your Non-Fiction Book
    by Tucker Max & Zach Obront

    This book is much similar to the first one. This content writing book is written by two authors Tucker Max and Zach Obront. Tucker Max and Zach Obront are experts in this industry who has successfully conducted many workshops based on content writing knowledge and have helped many amateur writers and students who want to become content writers. According to this content writing book, apart from the writing skills, there is a lot that needs to be learned by the content writers. This book navigates the content writers dealing with the fear of being judged and criticized to their destination of being a published writer. This content writing book focuses on the methods that could be used by content writers to write a book that impacts people while making them aware of your product or any other legacy you carry forward. This content writing book is highly recommended by content experts and analysts for young minds who are too careful and serious at the same time about writing content.

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    The Content Code: Six essential strategies to ignite your content, your marketing, and your business
    by Mark W. Schaefer

    As mentioned before, this list of best content writing books comprises of all kinds of books that specify certain required areas of content writing helping a lot of new content writers who have just begun their a career in content writing to learn the ideas and concepts behind content writing. This content writing book by Mark W Schaefer is very essential for those who want to understand the role of content marketing in writing and also the necessary tactics that could be used from the writer’s end to initiate the process of content marketing. This content writing book by Mark Schaefer has been awarded as the best SEO book by book authority and also the ranks amongst the top 5 business books of the year by INC Magazine. This book basically covers 6 major content marketing strategies and fundamentals. While this content writing book is a lot about content marketing but the 6 specified codes of marketing mentioned are beyond the general norms and marketing strategies. Therefore this book is said to be the best example that provides a broad understanding of the concept of content marketing. A bigger part of this book focuses on the “shareability”, another parameter developed by the author of this content writing book that could be used to judge the extent of marketing, the content is compatible for.

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    The Idea Writers: Copywriting in a New Media and Marketing Era
    by T. Iezzi & N. n/a

    The book that makes it to the 5th position in the list is “The Idea Writers” and this book was written for the people trying to indulge in any creative business. This book does an excellent work for the writers which help writers to understand the idea of advertising and marketing of the business. However, The Idea Writers also covers up some awesome interviews of many successful people to help the writer for a kick start a business. This content writing book, therefore, focuses on the copywriting aspects and deals with the advertising part of content writing. This content writing book guides amateur as well as professional people in creating purpose-based content that provides value to the consumer. It is definitely one of the most recommended content writing books that could categorically help copywriters and amateur writers in branding their content.

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