My Top Five Search Engine Optimization Books

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If you are seeking additional information about SEO and search engines, there are many books to choose from to broaden your knowledge. I have included some of the most popular books on search engine optimization, link building, local search, and search engines by well-known SEO experts. I have also included some more recent books to help you discover new tactics for your search marketing campaigns. Enjoy, and happy reading!

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    Entity SEO: Moving from Strings to Things
    by Dixon Jones

    In his new release, Dixon Jones promises to “break down the mystique and present Entity SEO and Semantic Search ideas in an easy-to-digest format.” Entity SEO: Moving Search From Strings To Things explains the Knowledge Graph, the evolution of semantic search, how to become an entity in alignment with your niche, and more. You’ll learn different semantic SEO strategies, how to add relevant structured mark-up to your content, what it takes to earn a Wikipedia listing (and what to do if you can’t get one), and how to build and view your internal link graph, among other skills and ideas. If you’re looking to gain clarity on what entity SEO is all about and how it should be incorporated into your marketing strategy, this guide may help.

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    The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization
    by Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer & Jessie Stricchiola

    This is one of the fundamental must-reads in our industry. Whether you are an SEO beginner or a seasoned professional, Eric Enge’s The Art of SEO is a great place to go to get started or for a refresher of your SEO skills. Eric talks about the search engine basics: their history, how they evaluate content, and how you can understand what search engines see when they spider content. You will also gain a solid education in the areas of SEO planning, the stages of SEO implementations, keyword research, SEO-friendly website development, content marketing, social media, and its role in SEO. You will also find updated information on the latest algorithmic factors to consider like Panda, Penguin, and search engine penalties. For one of the best in-depth educational books on SEO in our increasingly complex and ever-evolving industry, Eric’s book should be a staple of any SEO library.

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    SEO Mastery: Learn Advanced Search Engine Optimization Marketing Secrets, For Optimal Growth! Best B
    by Graham Fisher

    Do you want to learn secret strategies and the most up to date SEO strategies for getting your business or website to the top of Google? If so then keep reading… Do you have problems optimizing your website for higher rankings? Learning up-to-date link building tactics? Not knowing the inner workings of Google’s ever changing algorithm? Or being unable to use social media or web analytics for multiplying your results? If you do, within this book many of the top leaders in the field have shared their knowledge on how to overcome these problems and more, most of which have 10+ years worth experience. In SEO Mastery, you will discover: A simple trick you can do for getting local businesses ranking higher with SEO! The best way for being able to find “Money” keywords that will send more customers to your site! The one secret white hat link building method for doubling your monthly users to your site! Why using pay-per-click advertising is the most cost-efficient way to get the biggest bang for your buck! Understanding why some people will fail to make SEO work! And much, much more. The proven methods and pieces of knowledge are so easy to follow. Even if you’ve never heard of SEO before, you will still be able to get to a high level of success.

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    Product-Led SEO: The Why Behind Building Your Organic Growth Strategy
    by Eli Schwartz

    Eli Schwartz is an SEO consultant with over a decade of experience helping brands like Shutterstock, WordPress, Blue Nile, Quora, and Zendesk with their SEO strategies. Instead of focusing on step-by-step techniques, Product-Led SEO focuses on the logic and theory behind SEO. Find out how to not only drive traffic with organic search but also sales.

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    How Google Works
    by Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg

    Google executives Eric Schmidt, former Chairman/CEO of Google, and Jonathan Rosenberg, former SVP of Products, discuss the lessons they learned while building the world’s leading search engine. Topics covered include corporate culture, strategy, talent, decision-making, communication, innovation, and dealing with disruption. While this book may not explicitly tell you how Google search works, it will give you insight into the people and leadership behind Google.

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