Physics and Consciousness

recommended by Kristal James

This list is full of the best books that link physics to the consciousness. We are taught that the two are now connected, but these books show that a deeper understanding of life and physics will help grow your spirituality.

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    Return to the Absolute: Bridging the gap between Physics and Consciousness
    by Calvin McCoard

    This book is sure to help you change the way you approach life. You will feel more confident energetically, spiritually, and consciously after reading this book and realizing that reality will ultimately return to balance in the universe.

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    The Spiritual Implications of Quantum Physics: Reflections on the Nature of Science, Reality and Par
    by Jeff Carreira

    Do we live in the world? Or is the world made by us living in it? This book covers this and other thought-provoking questions that help show you that physics is not just a science class, but that there is a deeper, more spiritual side.

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    How to Change Your Universe: A practical guide to living the greatest life possible – in the great
    by Jon Gabriel

    If you are a believer in different dimensions, this is the book for you. Chock full of tips for traveling to different dimensions, this book is meant to help you choose the best one for you.

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    Awaken to Your True Self: Why You're Still Stuck and How to Break Through
    by Andrew Daniel

    This is the book for those of us who are dedicated to self-improvement, but we always just feel stuck in our growth. Learn how to overcome these speed bumps and hurdles and become the best you possible.

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    Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness
    by Alex Marcoux, Donna Mazzitelli & Shauna Kalicki

    Use this book to learn how to shift your consciousness in order to awaken and meet your true potential.

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