Practical Guide to climbing Mt Everest (and other high-altitude mountains)

recommended by Michael Tomordy

Here are my recommendations of practical guidebooks and relevant reference books to help you climb Mt Everest all the way to the summit and return safely, rather than novel-type books, of which there are many. It is equally applicable to other mountains. However, it also includes a couple of titles that put the mountain into context from Mallory to the 1996 tragedy.

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    The Beginners Guide to Climbing Mt Everest - a practical guide and tips
    by Michael Tomordy

    This book is written by a climber and is both for beginners or those more experienced. It covers the practical aspects of the technical, physical and mental training. It starts from choosing an expedition company, what it takes to summit, the preparation, route maps. The foreword is by Dan Mazur, an accomplished mountaineer, who was awarded the Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal on December 11, 2018 (International Mountain Day) in Pokhara, Nepal. Quotes from the foreword: "He has written one of the best descriptions I have read about the mental part of climbing Everest, which is often ignored" "This book should be required reading for not only those who are considering going to Everest, but also for people who are fascinated to learn what makes mountain climber "tick". I will certainly recommend this guidebook to anyone I meet who is thinking of climbing the 'Big One'." 25% of proceeds goes to local Nepal Charity, the Mount Everest Fund for Sustainable Development.

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    Altitude Illness: Prevention & Treatment (Mountaineers Outdoor Expert)
    by Stephen Bezruchka

    This book is written by medical professionals and gives a good overview of both the prevention and treatment of altitude-related illnesses. I think it is complementary and essential background reading to make you better prepared and to manage medical risks.

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    Training for the New Alpinism: A Manual for the Climber as Athlete
    by Steve House

    This is the modern encylopaedia or training guide for both rock climbers and mountaineers. It is focussed on the physical training and provides good examples of training regimes for you to follow, including both theory and practical. It is written by mountaineers for mountaineers.

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    Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why
    by Laurence Gonzales

    The reality is that there is risk on Mt Everest and possible life and death situations. This book gives plenty of stories and real life case studies of survival situations and what lessons to learn from them.

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    Paths of Glory
    by Jeffrey Archer

    Whilst not a guidebook, this is a very good novel/story that recounts the classic Mallory attempt on the North Side of Mt Everest. It is well written and an easy read that shows their heroism in adversity. A bit of light reading to complement the other books!

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