The Best Books About Personal Change

recommended by Daisy Reynolds

In life, there will be things that we want to change. This could be a particular habit, productivity, work/life balance, or even a behavioural trait. Even though personal change can improve our circumstances and get us to where we want to be, it can sometimes be difficult as it usually involves having to shift our habits, making different personal choices. For anybody wanting to change, but unsure where to start, this collection of books could help.

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    Knowing You: The difference that makes the difference
    by Dr Amanda Foo-Ryland

    Many people spend a lifetime waiting for something to happen to them before their life can be changed. Winning the lottery; getting a better job; starting a new relationship; moving house; making more money; being in better health etc, yet it never happens. Humans are at the mercy of what-ever comes their way, and they often blame those things for their circumstances. In 'Knowing You', Dr Amanda Foo-Ryland reveals how external elements cannot make life better and that it is in fact, when and how people take control of their lives, change course and become their own navigators that things actually start to change for them. 'Knowing You' reveals that the only thing holding them back is what they believe. It allows readers to push their self-doubt to the side, in favour of beliefs that better serve them.

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    Change Your Life In Seven Days
    by Paul McKenna

    Success and happiness are not accidents that happen to some people and not to others. They are created by specific ways of thinking and acting in the world. Paul McKenna, author of 'Change Your Life in Seven Days', has made a study of highly successful and effective people, and distilled core strategies and techniques that will help the reader to begin to think in the same way as a super-achiever. Readers will learn how to master their emotions and run their own brain, how to have supreme self-confidence and become the person they really want to be.

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    Just One Thing: How simple changes can transform your life
    by Dr Michael Mosley

    We all want quick and easy ways to improve our health, but when it comes to diet, fitness and wellbeing it can be hard to separate the facts from the fads. And harder still to find changes that fit easily into our daily lives. Dr Michael Mosley, author of 'Just One Thing', is on a mission to find things we can introduce into our daily routine which will have a big impact on our mental and physical health. The book reveals simply changes that are so surprising and intriguing that readers will be desperate to try them out.

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    How to Stop Overthinking: The 7-Step Plan to Control and Eliminate Negative Thoughts, Declutter Your
    by Chase Hill & Scott Sharp

    Overthinking may be a hard habit to break, but it’s completely doable… with the right guide and support. This book by Chase Hill & Scott Sharp is designed to be a simple roadmap, to help us navigate the treacherous path of overthinking and ultimately escape our unhealthy habits for good! For anybody wanting to get rid of toxic and destructive thoughts, allowing more room for positivity, then this book is for you. With practice, the right attitude, and proper guidance, readers can break free from overthinking and finally start living the life they have been dreaming of.

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    Change Your Paradigm, Change Your Life
    by Bob Proctor

    When we do something that's out of the ordinary, our mental programing, our paradigm, will try and stop us. This can mean we get stuck in a rut, starved of our dreams and ambitions. To change our lives we need to change our paradigm. The change is not easy, but it's worth it, and the results are lasting. Bob Proctor, author of 'Change Your Paradigm, Change Your Life', shows the reader his proven methods for doing so. Once the reader goes through Bob Proctor's Paradigm Shift Process, they will expose themselves to a brand new world of power, possibility and promise.

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