The Best Books for Overcoming the Effects of Trauma

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A person may experience trauma as a response to an event they find emotionally or physically threatening. There are many different types of trauma, including acute, chronic and complex trauma, and the effects can be catastrophic to a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. If left untreated, trauma can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), among other issues. For anybody struggling to overcome the effects of trauma, this collection of books could really help you start to move forward.

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    Leader Awakened: Why accepting adversity drives power and freedom
    by Samreen McGregor

    The world we live in confronts us with unavoidable, and at times unprecedented, challenges and adversities. In 'Leader Awakened', author Samreen McGregor explains how leaders can use their experiences as a powerful catalyst for change and as a point for learning, empowerment, agency and improved wellbeing. The book provides a thought-provoking blend of practical examples and theoretical observations alongside Samreen’s personal experiences of trauma following her son's cancer diagnosis and a lifetime of grappling with questions of identity and belonging. The book invites readers to accept, embrace and work with difficult or traumatic events and experiences, and explores how a leader’s understanding of their own life story can impact their thoughts, behaviour and values and empower them to accept and embrace the trauma or difficulties they have experienced.

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    CET Yourself Free: Change your life with the gentle alchemy of Conscious Emotional Transformation
    by Dr Lisa Turner

    Many methods for healing work on the basis that individuals are broken and need fixing. But Dr. Lisa Turner challenges this narrative, helping people to face and overcome their trauma on their own terms. This book sets out a new revolutionary approach to trauma recovery and overcoming negative emotions, debunking the need to overly-process or relive past experiences. Throughout the book, Lisa draws on her own journey, recovering from the traumatic experience of being trafficked as a child to reaching a place of full healing. It covers a range of topics, including the limitations of coping mechanisms, how to recognise signs of trauma, how past trauma manifests and the unique potential of fusing scientific and spiritual approaches in therapy. The reader will be guided in a deep dive into trauma recovery and how to release negative emotions.

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    Respark: Igniting hope and joy after trauma and depression
    by Dr. Graham Music

    In 'Respark', author Dr. Graham Music distils decades of experience to deliver a roadmap for reigniting zest and passion in troubled adults and children. Through fascinating tales from the consulting room and daily life, this book provides a ground-breaking model to regenerate hope. Music weaves together cutting-edge science, profound personal stories, therapeutic wisdom, and deep humanity. He outlines exactly how to understand and heal from a wide range of emotionally blunted states such as dissociation, depression, or helplessness. Whether you are a therapist, a professional, a parent, or anyone looking to find personal inspiration, this book offers a captivating and hope-filled journey, showing how people can rediscover the vitality and desire to live richer lives.

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    Overcoming Trauma: 8 Steps to Healing the Past and Finding Peace Within
    by Allison Smiley

    How would it feel to step into a brand-new life, unburdened by the past? Using a powerful combination of cutting-edge psychological approaches and spiritual healing exercises, 'Overcoming Trauma' is a one-stop toolkit for anyone wishing to resolve past traumatic experiences and receive real and lasting transformation. Readers will learn how trauma affects us on emotional, mental, and physical levels, and how to spot the negative cycles that keep perpetuating when left unresolved. Using the powerful 8-Step program, they will learn to build resilience, self-love, cultivate forgiveness and let go of the pain they have been holding onto for so long.

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    What It Takes To Thrive: Techniques For Severe Trauma And Stress Recovery
    by John Henden

    'What It Takes to Thrive' by John Henden deals with all aspects of severe trauma and stress recovery. It offers tools and techniques to manage triggers, flashbacks or intrusive thoughts, helping survivors of severe trauma and stress to regain control of their lives. The techniques and advice described are organised into six sections: Triggers; Flashbacks; Unwelcome Thoughts; Dealing with the Lows; Disturbed Sleep; and Living Life to the Full: Meaning and Purpose in Life. With the book broken down into sections, readers can dip in and out, experimenting with methods that work best for them. This book is a useful guide for survivors of severe trauma and stress, psychotherapists, social workers, counsellors, welfare workers and volunteers in the field.

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