5 Books on Prioritising Your Personal Wellbeing This International Women’s Day

recommended by Daisy Reynolds

Prioritising your health and wellbeing should be a non-negotiable for all of us, however, unfortunately, busy schedules can cause us to neglect our wellbeing and happiness. To coincide with International Women’s Day, this collection of book aims to help and inspire all women to take care of themselves. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup, so it is vital that your body and mind are the best they can be to achieve greatness.

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    Knowing You: The difference that makes the difference
    by Dr Amanda Foo-Ryland

    Many people spend a lifetime waiting for something to happen to them before their life can be changed. Winning the lottery; getting a better job; starting a new relationship; moving house; making more money; being in better health etc, yet it never happens. Humans are at the mercy of what-ever comes their way, and they often blame those things for their circumstances. This leads to a blame mentality. 'Knowing You' reveals how external elements cannot make life better and that it is in fact, when and how people take control of their lives, change course and become their own navigators that things actually start to change for them. It is the book everyone should read if they are curious about what makes them who they are. It unpacks the process of self-examination, helping readers to discover, observe and investigate their own minds, to delete the beliefs that do not serve them and install new ones that do. 'Knowing You' is the perfect read for those ready to take charge and commit to making a real change in their lives. Providing the reassurance that the only thing holding them back is what they believe, it allows readers to push their self-doubt to the side, in favour of beliefs that better serve them. Empathetic, motivational and informative, this book will empower readers to transform their lives into something personally fruitful, happy and fulfilling.

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    CET Yourself Free: Change your life with the gentle alchemy of Conscious Emotional Transformation
    by Dr Lisa Turner

    In 'CET Yourself Free', author Dr Lisa Turner sets out a new revolutionary approach to trauma recovery and overcoming negative emotions, debunking the need to overly-process or relive past experiences. She introduces Conscious Emotional Transformation (CET), her revolutionary new approach to trauma recovery. Balancing science and spirituality in a unique way, it is a powerful healing technology that helps people release trauma and negative emotions in the fraction of the time often advertised by other methods. Throughout the book, Lisa draws on her own journey, recovering from the traumatic experience of being trafficked as a child to reaching a place of full healing. As well as explaining the CET process, 'CET Yourself Free' covers a range of topics, including the limitations of coping mechanisms, how to recognise signs of trauma, how past trauma manifests and the unique potential of fusing scientific and spiritual approaches in therapy. Designed for both those with a professional background in coaching and psychology, or simply those interested in the subject, the book begins readers on the journey to becoming more informed about their own emotional wellbeing, or even a fully-fledged CET practitioner.

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    Coming Home: A Guide to Being Your True Self
    by Gillian McMichael

    In 'Coming Home', transformational coach Gillian McMichael explains how to identify the roles and practices which are preventing people from being their true selves. Writing from a place of empathy and openness, she explores how others’ standards, past conditioning and old patterns can cloud a person’s connection to themselves and understanding of what they really want from life. By sharing an inspiring and personal insight into her own life and how she broke free from the effects of past trauma, Gillian encourages the reader to look inside themselves to uncover their own source of happiness and sense of belonging. With chapters ranging from how to challenge feelings of shame or disappointment, overcome self-limiting beliefs and invest in self-care, Gillian guides the reader on their journey to uncover their own purpose, celebrate their unique gifts and live a life filled with joy. 'Coming Home' outlines a step-by-step, coaching roadmap to self-discovery and reflection grounded in real-life examples and underpinned by mindfulness practices. It is an essential read for anyone who is aware that they are at a crossroads in life, want to regain control, or feel that they are stuck within themselves.

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    Woman of Our Time: Small steps to take control and find your way
    by Karen Powell, Lesley Heath & Kate Goodman

    The Covid-19 pandemic left many people, especially women, feeling lost, unsure of what to do next and struggling to find a way to move forward. The effects are still being felt a couple of years on. Recognising this impact, twin sisters Karen Powell and Lesley Heath, saw an opportunity to capture the enlightening and compelling stories of transformative change that occurred during the pandemic. Their new book, 'Woman of Our Time' is a celebration of the stories of ordinary women during that time, and a deep dive into the power of self-reflection. The book combines real-time journal entries written by everyday women during lockdown with non-judgemental guidance based on reflective practice and backed up by academic research. It offers practical coaching advice, tips and techniques, simple exercises and motivating quotes to ordinary women who may be floundering or feeling lost in an uncertain world. The book covers topics such as, building positivity and confidence, advocating for yourself during relationships, navigating a career, dealing with parenthood and journaling as an act of self-care. It is a must-read for all women, at any stage of life wanting to rewrite their own narrative, consciously invest in themselves, their needs and their mental wellbeing.

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    Make Every Move a Meditation: Mindful Movement for Mental Health, Well-Being, and Insight
    by Nita Sweeney

    In 'Make Every Move a Meditation', readers will learn how to find freedom using the mind-body connection as they transform movement into a powerful practice of mindful movement. In the book, award-winning author, meditation leader, and mental health advocate Nita Sweeney shows us fitness can be mindfulness. She teaches us how to bring meditation and mindfulness into any activity by incorporating centuries-old techniques. Studies show that both exercise and meditation reduce anxiety, stabilize blood pressure, improve mood and cognition, and lead to a deeper self-relationship and wisdom. Movement is medicine, and meditation is medicine. Readers will learn to turn exercise into a meditation tool, make any activity a mindful practice and enjoy the benefits of meditation while getting fit. It is a must-read for all women looking to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

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