Top 5 Reads for New CEOs

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Stepping into the role of CEO is both exhilarating and daunting, marked by a cascade of challenges and opportunities. To navigate this journey with confidence, it can be hugely valuable to make the time to immerse yourself in books and learn from others. Whether you’re a seasoned executive transitioning to the corner office or a budding entrepreneur taking the helm of your own venture, these top five reads for new CEOs offer a compass for leadership, strategy, and organisational mastery.

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    Become a Successful First-Time CEO: Master the confidence, relationships and strategies you need to
    by David Roche

    "Become a Successful First-Time CEO" by David Roche emphasises the critical importance of people skills, political savvy, and relationship-building for aspiring corporate leaders, regardless of their expertise or experience. Through real-life examples and practical guidance, the book serves as a roadmap for developing confidence and mastering strategies essential for inspirational leadership. Readers will learn how to cultivate a dynamic senior leadership team, effectively manage upwards to impress superiors and the board, and capitalise on opportunities. Plus, they'll discover methods for creating strong relationships with clients, suppliers, and partners, ultimately becoming highly respected and influential figures within their industry.

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    The Effective CEO: How to hone your focus, prioritize your time and take control of your CEO role
    by Mr Byron Morrison

    "The Effective CEO" introduces the revolutionary "CEO Amplified Effectiveness Method," offering CEOs a transformative approach to managing their daily tasks. Authored by Byron Morrison, this book guides CEOs through a step-by-step process to clarify priorities, structure their days efficiently, and consistently achieve at a high level. By implementing this method, CEOs can regain control of their time, alleviate feelings of overwhelm, and focus on what truly matters, ultimately driving the business forward instead of just reacting to problems. Drawing from six years of experience helping CEOs and business leaders worldwide, Morrison presents practical insights tailored for new CEOs seeking to optimise their time management and sharpen their focus.

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    THE BROKEN CEO: How To Be The Leader You Always Wanted To Be (Leadership ]Inside Out[)
    by Chris Pearse

    In "The Broken CEO," Chris Pearse offers a transformative perspective on leadership, shifting the focus from external processes to the inner realms of perception, thought, and emotion. Through realistic case studies, punchy chapter summaries, and practical exercises, Pearse guides readers to cultivate a leadership mindset capable of navigating adversity, change, and uncertainty. Exploring key aspects such as vision, purpose, culture, delegation, integrity, and resilience, the book equips leaders with strategies to master stress and burnout, encourage collaboration, and instil a culture of accountability. Plus, it emphasises the development of emotional intelligence, resilience, and coaching skills, empowering leaders to lead effectively with mindfulness and compassion and avoid common pitfalls of modern leadership. Suitable for chief executives, senior managers, owners, and entrepreneurs, "The Broken CEO" offers the confidence and insight needed to lead with authenticity and effectiveness.

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    She Thinks Like a Boss : Leadership: 9 Essential Skills for New Female Leaders in Business and the W
    by Jemma Roedel

    "She Thinks Like a Boss" offers a roadmap for women aspiring to excel in leadership roles, even if they struggle with shyness, conflict avoidance, or lack of confidence. Addressing the frustration of witnessing male counterparts advance despite equal or superior skills, the book provides practical strategies to express yourself assertively, manage teams effectively, and cultivate self-worth. Written by Jemma Roedel, it emphasises the importance of understanding leadership beyond management, offering insights into overcoming imposter syndrome, building strong teams, setting boundaries, and mastering negotiation. Through easy-to-follow techniques, readers are empowered to navigate the challenges of leadership and realise their potential as inspirational figures in the business world.

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    Develop Your Leadership Superpowers: 50 Key Skills You Need to Succeed as a Leader
    by Dietmar Sternad & Eva Kobin

    "Mastering Leadership: The Ultimate Guide" is a practical handbook designed for both new and experienced leaders seeking to improve their leadership capabilities. Through 50 key leadership skills, readers will learn how to cultivate a confident leadership mindset, communicate effectively, prioritise tasks, build and lead winning teams, and facilitate growth and outstanding performance in others. This guide offers clear, actionable advice without the typical leadership jargon, accompanied by 50 practical exercises for immediate implementation. Illustrated to evoke the essence of effective leadership, this book serves as the perfect resource for anyone striving to excel in their leadership journey.

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